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  1. That would be an accurate description of this winter so far. According to wunderground.com for my location there have been no days yet (in December or so far in January) where the temperature has failed to reach 6c. And we didn't even get an air frost in December at all. You could say that some haven't even experienced a proper 'cold snap' yet.
  2. I haven't been following this forum much at all recently (probably because things have been so uninspiring). I'm mostly a lurker now anyway so you probably don't know who I am. I was wondering, is there any chance this winter will end up completely snowless (i.e. no days of lying snow)? For a lot of locations (namely my location) anyway?
  3. I'm pretty much still a newbie in this forum... I used to post a couple of years ago but went back to lurking since then so I guess I'm fairly unexperienced... so from what I can tell it was looking good for a cold spell from the 6th but now we are within a week of it it only looks to be lasting just one day is that right??
  4. I'm not totally convinced it would. Before 2009, people had given up on cold winters, not because they had experienced one extremely mild one, but because they had experienced a long run of benign winters throughout the 90s and 00s. If an 88/89 were to happen again, people would simply be back cold ramping the next winter.
  5. I have to say I was becoming pessimistic about the prospects for cold but since yesterday I've become rather excited!
  6. Today's two updates are exactly the same!
  7. I just looked back on some old threads, from early March 2008 where people mentioned how early easter was that year and suggested looking out for snow. Well what to you know, a white Easter for many it was!
  8. Although most people on this forum would probably prefer Christmas 2010 (including me)!
  9. I agree. Also, if we went somewhere where we were pretty much guarunteed snow each winter, there wouldn't be any need to chase it. We chase the cold and snowy weather subconsciously, knowing we get very different amounts each year, and ironically moan when we don't get it!
  10. Ugh what a horrible non-event this is turning out to be!

    1. Carl46Wrexham


      Here here! Nowt worse than cold rain with temps barely above zero! YUCK!

    2. A Winter's Tale
    3. wimblettben


      The band that contains snow has actually just began moving more southwestwards.

  11. Now it's a bit nearer the time, how do you think the potential currently stands for snowy weather this upcoming Spring?
  12. Met Office have been acting very strange. First they suddenly changed their outlook completely yesterday and now they have made another drastic change, after just 3/4 hour since today's original update.
  13. Although I've had 9cm of lying snow since last evening, I feel very downhearted about the outlook today. Any consolation? I just feel theres been a signif downgrade thats all. And indeed, I feel much less confident about the rest of February now
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