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    photography, mountaineering, mountain biking, snowboarding.
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    extreme - anything but dull and dreary. The snowier the better.
  1. Excuse my ignorance, I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct area to post this question/bring something to your attention. I've noticed that I'm having real difficulty getting forecasts to show anywhere meaningfully close to my areas of interest. It becomes a real guessing game to gifure out what the closest location that's in your list is. I'm based in Snowdonia, so the weather, and altitude, can change quite dramatically 5-10 miles at the next road. It would be helpful to have a searchable, navigatable map, rather than an incrutable text entry box, which does nothing upon en
  2. I laugh as much as the Daily Mail's often completely misguided reporting as anyone else, but I fail to see anything particularly daft in the article you linked to.
  3. Huh?I'm sorry, but I cannot see any selfishness in your link. Have you linked to the wrong story, perchance?
  4. Hi, new member here, hoping to learn a thing or two about the weather. I've been lurking around the publicly available areas for a while, and though I'd sign up so I could get involved in some discussions. Main reason for being here is to try and get a better grasp of short term weather forecasts. My main hobbies are mountainbiking, landscape photography, and in the winter, snowboarding, all of which are naturally very dependant upon the weather. One of the things I've always found curious about the weather here in North Wales is how it can vary so dramatically by just travelling a mile or
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