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  1. You wait years for an Amber Warning and then the one you get is for wind, not snow!!!! Aarrgghh!! Ah well, at least it's some excitement in these otherwise end of winter gloomy days, lol!x
  2. Best wait until our foot of snow next week before you start digging it!!xx
  3. Gggrrr..... well I suppose we all knew it was all a bit too good to be true that far out BUT things haven't gone from wonder to blunder!!! Still lots of potential and could still change from run to run yet!
  4. Yay, my Snow Dance worked!!!! One happy Surrey lass if this actually happened!!! Far out but at least it's nice to see something that gives SOME hope than dreary, zonal charts that give NO hope!!!❄❄x
  5. I think the Hunt For Cold thread proved its worth last year!!! It worked great for everyone from the more technical posts to the straight up ramps and jokey banter in between!!! It frees up the Mods time too because far less deleting/moving of posts were needed!! I love it when everyone gets excited at some snowy looking charts and it's nice to not have that squashed by Mods having to do their job as they would have to in the more "serious" MOD thread ❄❄
  6. Is there a "Hunt for Cold" going to be set up for Winter yet, maybe tomorrow being the first day of meteriological winter?! I know a lot of people really enjoyed it last year and it gave you Mods a break too, lol!
  7. Some lovely charts to view today, would be great if we could keep seeing them evolve the same way (or maybe even get better?!) over this next week!! I was also wondering if there were any plans to start a "Hunt for Cold" thread again any time soon? The banter/hyperbole etc last year was great and made for some fun reading but without disrespecting those who wanted to stick to more serious model watching on the original thread!
  8. I also have a similar question to Northern Sky above.... so at the moment we're seeing a trop vortex that's very different to most late autumns and if that was maintained into winter proper, could be good for us? Do we want an SSW now to displace what is an otherwise fairly decent state of a pv?! Sorry if I'm waaaayyy off the mark, lol! Novice in training here
  9. I'm loving seeing all these fab cold charts so early in the season!!! It's nice to be watching with not too much stressful desperation because it's February and you're still waiting for snow after a winter of Day 10 charts not happening, lol!!! Very nice to sit back and be happy to see if this happens or if not, wait for the next time I'm even happy with these chilly frosty and sunny Autumn days too!x
  10. Looks like we could be in for one of those late autumnal week's where one day you're wearing a cardi and the next a thick winter coat and scarf!!! Love seeing the seasonal changes in full force!x
  11. That last rumble I mentioned was the very last one!!! Oh well.... I'm going to hope that the weather is going to get warmer and sunnier now!xx
  12. Went from really sunny to very dark and grey within a few minutes here in Ashtead (in between Leatherhead and Epsom) and I've heard 2 rumbles of thunder! Hoping for a storm! Ooo as I wrote that another louder and closer clap of thunder!!!xx
  13. Can hear rumbles in the distance and the breeze has picked up here in Ashtead (nr Epsom) Gonna have to look out the window now!!xx Edit - yep, lightening!xx
  14. Summer drama lighting up the Regionals again!!! Love it!!! Wish the storm was during the day so I could watch it in all its glory but possibly more chances later in the week!!xx
  15. Urgh this is depressing!! Is this still an effect of a later ssw?! Or just bad luck, lol! Don't shoot me, still learning!
  16. So it was worth the drive up from dustville (Ashtead) to Narnia (Box Hill!)!!! Me and my brother @Chertseystreamer79 both reliving our childhoods growing up here in the 80s winters and now with our own children!!!
  17. That's my worry, getting there ok.... it's a half hour drive from here so not sure! We had heavy sleet all evening so I'm hoping that fell as snow up Box Hill!!xx
  18. I know! We were literally just a smidge too far East! Polesden Lacey is closed today due to heavy snow and ice!! 20min drive west of here!x
  19. 20mins up the A24 here in Ashtead and barely a dusting!!! Going to attempt getting up Boxhill this morning to see if there's more!!xx
  20. My sister in law lives in Walderslade and is moaning because she hates snow but she did tell me a Mum and baby have been killed in their car due to a fallen tree?! Assume heavy weight of snow?
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