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  1. So it was worth the drive up from dustville (Ashtead) to Narnia (Box Hill!)!!! Me and my brother @Chertseystreamer79 both reliving our childhoods growing up here in the 80s winters 😃 and now with our own children!!!
  2. Thank you my friendly Spy!!!😃
  3. That's my worry, getting there ok.... it's a half hour drive from here so not sure! We had heavy sleet all evening so I'm hoping that fell as snow up Box Hill!!xx
  4. I know! We were literally just a smidge too far East! Polesden Lacey is closed today due to heavy snow and ice!! 20min drive west of here!x
  5. Glad to hear it!!! Thanks for letting me know!!xx
  6. 20mins up the A24 here in Ashtead and barely a dusting!!! Going to attempt getting up Boxhill this morning to see if there's more!!xx
  7. My sister in law lives in Walderslade and is moaning because she hates snow 😒 but she did tell me a Mum and baby have been killed in their car due to a fallen tree?! Assume heavy weight of snow?
  8. North Surrey in with a go?! Temps dropping here nr Epsom, 0.3c 🙏
  9. Yep, apparently I've been under pink ppn and have a double snow symbol on Meto app for about 2hrs now but nothing other than very heavy sleet!!! Temp currently 0.7c so has dropped a bit but not changed. North Surrey has missed out big time this time around. I'm going to attempt Boxhill again tomorrow morning in the hope of something more up there x
  10. I'm under a pink blob on the radar, Meto is giving me heavy snow symbols for 2hrs but just very heavy wet sleety snow atm..... I'm not expecting much and tbh, after last night I'm knackered so cba to keep getting up to check, lol!!!🤣xx
  11. Yes and hot chocolate or Champaign if you want to celebrate finally seeing decent snow and play find the cork in the drift!!!😃😃
  12. I don't know if I've got the energy for another night of this!!!😂😂 Anyway, I'm organising a Netweather SE Regional Thread coach trip to Basingstoke tomorrow, £25 a head, includes a pile of snow each to make one medium snowman and throw 20 snowballs!!!🤪🤪🤪xx
  13. I think he's gone up a hill, lol!
  14. I feel your pain Reef!!! Absolutley abysmal event for us.... I'm gutted.... not sure if Epsom Downs has more or Box Hill, may take a drive tomorrow but I can't be bothered today, feeling too meh about it all, lol!xx
  15. What an exhausting 3mths it's been, chasing cold and snow since November.... it started a lot earlier this season and has had soooo much promise and chances but alas, nothing much has come from it at all for me in Ashtead Surrey. I'm thinking I might need some downtime now to relax in some early Spring warmth, lol!!!