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  1. Yes looking at the week ahead, the Mon/Tues snow is just a little starter to the main meal towards the end of the week!!! Hopefully finishing with Arctic Roll for pud!xx
  2. That line that runs pretty vertically down from London to Brighton - I'm about 3miles west of it!!!!! Noooooo!!!! Lets hope the blob extends westwards and turns orange!!!!x
  3. So 12 hours of snow next Wednesday Steve??!!!x
  4. Meto have been saying Easterly winds for quite sometime now and now there's the update of WILL and even the word SIGNIFICANT in terms of snowfall for the Southern and Eastern areas! I've never seem this kind of bullish forecast from them in recent years...... so let's see!!x
  5. Tbf the Meto extended forecast has been saying for some time now that all of February will be below average temps, cold and potentially very cold under eastern winds. The only fly in the ointment is it mentions more dryer/settled too..... so I think it's definitely staying cold (bar the odd milder interlude) but it depends on if the snow gods direct the moisture filled clouds over us while the cold is there...... xx
  6. I'm near Epsom and thinking the same??!!!
  7. Why do I sense that, here near Leatherhead I'll have clowns to the left of me (playing in snow) and jokers to the right of me (playing in snow) and I'll be stuck in the middle with jack poo??!! Aarrgghhh!!!!!x
  8. Oi ooiiii 18z!!!! All looking a bit peachy..... let's all hope it stays that way!!!x
  9. Yes a very surprise warning suddenly sprouted up! Don't expect much but it might be worth a drive up to Boxhill which is about 270 asl - fingers crossed!x
  10. Seems there are still chances but they keep getting pushed back and stay at D8-10 but then breakdown the closer we get..... but I guess all the time it's showing cold, there's still a chance?!x
  11. To be(easterly) or not to be(easterly), THAT is the question!!!! As much as I'll be soooo gutted if we don't get snow from any of this, you can't deny that it' exciting watching the developments as they unfold!!! Fingers crossed for all if us, especially those South of the Thames who missed out last time!!xx
  12. I am a novice who is still learning to read charts but I mainly use this forum just to read updates through winter and have done for 6yrs now. I may have little understanding but this pattern of model trends you describe is something I very much recognise - it happens a lot!!
  13. Got some sleet and then snow today in Ashtead Surrey but still nothing settled....... So, are we going to have a White Christmas???!!!x
  14. You lot were definitely made of tougher stuff but you were also living in completely different times! No Health and Safety Laws, schools not at risk of being sued if not made perfectly safe for the kids, most kids walked to school whereas these days most kids are not only driven but driven by parents who are also having to rush off to work so don't have time to drive carefully.... Plus there were a lot less people trying to get to these places, the primary and secondary schools in my area have literally doubled in size compared to 30yrs ago when I was there! It's sad but it's today's society's reality unfortunately!
  15. I Home Educate my kids so every day is a snow day if there's a chance of it, lol!! Meto says sleet all day for Leatherhead but heavy snow all day for Epsom Downs - I live between the two so guess which way we'll be headed, lol! Or perhas Boxhill will be even better?!xx