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  1. I hope you're right, we're currently en route from sunny/warm home in the southeast to holiday near Blackpool! To be honest, I was happy with just dry weather but a bit warmer would be nice too!x
  2. I remember it well! I was heavily pregnant waddling in the snow and exactly a month later my waters broke when it was baking hot day and stayed that way!x
  3. I've got one of those snow killers too!!! and an 11 and 9yr old - just no respect!x
  4. Probably just got more snow in the last 1.5hrs than all day yesterday! Quality of snow is clearly very important, lol! Just had M&S Snow - not just any snowflake..... So will there be any more to come here in NE Surrey??!!x
  5. Small flakes but lots of them and falling vertically so covering nicely here in Epsom!!!
  6. It's mad, we'e waited so long and even when everything looks pretty much perfect something crops up - this time was the frontal cloud! Unbelievable!!x
  7. Ah I hope you have fun! There were a lot more people there as we were leaving so potentially less snow due to people sledging/walking on it but I'm sure there'll still be enough!! If you have kids go to the Fort behind the cafe as better for sledging down, less steep!x
  8. Glad we made the effort to get up and get out up to Box Hill this morning! So worth the 15min drive as so much more snow and of course fun sledging times for the kids!!x
  9. Not too bad, a covering but not much on roads or pavements and can see it won' hang about for long! It looks like my snow shower was cut off in its prime, it did all the groundwork but then stopped before it really too effect! Might head to Box Hill!x
  10. Soooo jealous of you right now!!! One of my fave places AND in the snow!!! I bet the forest looks beautiful!!x
  11. Wasn't very good last time, grass too long so was poking through the minimal amount!x @fulham snow might know?x
  12. I'm in Epsom - what's the best direction to drive in to find a nice slope for sledging?! North, South, East or West of me??!!x
  13. This is what I keep thinking - if only it was Dec/Jan!!! Ah well, at least most have seen a little something now.... Now just roll on Spring and Summer and I'll be back here come November searching for signs of the next SSW, lol!!x
  14. So frustrating - to see so many heavy snow icons but nothing in reality.... ah well, there's always next year bro xx
  15. Coming down nicely now here in Epsom and settling well!!x