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  1. Back for the Winter Rollercoaster!!! So things seem to be hotting up (wrong phrase?! Lol!) in the MOD thread with some very interesting charts for end of November!!! Will it be another early teaser followed by lots of "meh" or will it be the early start of an epic winter to come??!! Well hold on tight and let the ride begin as we find out!! (Inner child leaps up and down!!)xx
  2. Yes it's been notably milder! Our house is a very cold house and it's been so nice to not feel as cold and my butter is more spreadable again too, lol! The forecast (according to Meto) looks set to stay this way for the foreseeable at the moment too! I'd gladly keep it mild with turning into a nice warm early spring in a few weeks time!x
  3. Just responding (albeit a bit late!) to snowray, Nick and Abruzzi Spur who replied to my post on the previous page, thanks for your replies! I'm not far from Leith Hill and go there a fair amount, there's a beautiful bluebell wood there that we go to most years! I get what you mean about being too high and possibly being quote dark/shaded. I grew up on Boxhill and that was perfect - some fabulous snowy winters! But alas it seems a move to Europe would be the only way to get perfect summers and winters! Agreed that USA would be a nutty place to live right now but like the idea of no massive culture/language change! I'm all about "roll on Springtime" now!!!xx
  4. Random question that I was just pondering about..... if you wanted to live in a place in the UK that statistically had the best of summer sunshine but also most prone to winter snow, where would that be?! Or do I need to move to North America, hahaha!!xx
  5. Your comment just made me get up off the sofa Fulham (a mean feat this time of night, ha!) and sure enough, the lampost outside my house is showing a nice shower coming down!! A dusting on the cars too!! Wonder if we'll get much more overnight?!x
  6. Snow flurries here but literally just bits and pieces, meto saying I'm due more overnight so I guess we'll have to see if there's anything come the morning?!xx
  7. Steve thank you sooooo much for this update, it's saved me having to read through pages of "blaaahhh" on the MOD thread - plus the fact that I absolutely value your forecasts and have done for the last 5yrs! So chances are looking good, even if I have to drive up to Boxhill again for a bit more depth, lol! Thanks again xxx
  8. I agree Surrey, I'd love to have seen more snow (especially before Christmas!) but on the whole it has felt like a proper winter this year and for the first time in many! Loads of pretty frosts, fog, freezing fog and then the snow the other day - we went up Boxhill to make the most of it! I live in a house with no central heating, I've had to wear a lot of layers, blankets and enjoyed having my fire on to get all cosy - last year it was too mild to barely have the fire on, lol! So it's felt very seasonal - I love seasons and this has felt like winter! I wouldn't say no to another dumping of snow before end of Feb but I too am looking forward to Spring!! H x
  9. Light snow! Forecast to get heavier at 11am and light by midday! Me and kids headed to Boxhill (approx 270m asl!) with sledges!xx
  10. My meto symbols just changed from light snow at 11am to heavy at 11am and light at 12 too?! Is it really icy out there?!
  11. Thanks Paul, I get it now - like you said, such a shame it wasn't this time last week when it was already so cold, I'd have had a good few inches out there now! The idea of all that slush turning into an ice rink overnight is pretty scary though, eh?!
  12. Confused about thawing..... I figured that as temps dropped it would all start to freeze as per warning advice on BBC tonight? Happy for someone to explain, lol!x
  13. Been windy with sideways snow! Now settling down and much lighter but the stuff on the ground is fairly slushy but still a nice decent cover! Meto changed to heavy snow through to 9pm but can't see that happening now? Also had flickering lights!!xx
  14. SE England and EA Regional Weather Discussion

    This is what I've been saying - need that precipitation to arrive here about 6hrs later!!!
  15. SE England and EA Regional Weather Discussion

    I too have light snow forecast for Thurs evening/night on Meto.....never expected that!