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  1. Soooo will this place be buzzing in here come Tuesday night or will be all be listening to the rain outside and imagining what it could have been had it been 1mth later?! Lol, who knows but the Winter season has well and truly started with a bang this year!!
  2. We still have a Model Discussion thread so couldn't that be kept for people who only want to see MOD and rename this thread as just "The Hunt For Cold"?! I personally like the funny comments/pics etc, we get excited and want to express it with some lighthearted discussion etc ... it would also save the Mods a lot of time having to delete comments?! Just an idea
  3. This ties in with the Meto update too, possibly a bit of milder weather after initial cold next week but shortlived and then probably back to cold again. And by then we'll be closer to December and have more cold pool to tap into too!!
  4. It was supposed to be very warm 17c today but it wasn't. A whole week for temps to adjust yet.
  5. Sadly didn't deliver much for my area but I know that wasn't the case UK wide. Were they seen as far out as this is? Thanks - still learning!x
  6. Wow!! Not sure I've seen charts like these since my personal hunt for cold started in 2011 after the fab winter of 2010!!!! In fact I have seen charts like these but only when people posted old ones as an example of what is ideal and what we need to see!!! Just had a look in the other MOD thread- is everyone just partying in here now?! Lol!!
  7. Rain, hail and thunder today!! Potentially snow in a couple of weeks?!
  8. I'm like you too, been reading since 2011, learnt a lot but never enough to post much but I've picked up on what people have said we need and what we don't want to see and like you, this is all sounding much better than we've seen in recent years!!
  9. Mad charts!!!! Haven't ever seen it so busy in here in October before, lol!! After a wonderful summer of sun and heat, it's great to be back in here following the search for cold and snow! Thank you to all the knowledgeable people who post so clearly and help people like me understand so much more year on year - and get excited with It!!! Tee hee!!x
  10. weathergeek

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    I hope you're right, we're currently en route from sunny/warm home in the southeast to holiday near Blackpool! To be honest, I was happy with just dry weather but a bit warmer would be nice too!x
  11. I remember it well! I was heavily pregnant waddling in the snow and exactly a month later my waters broke when it was baking hot day and stayed that way!x
  12. I've got one of those snow killers too!!! and an 11 and 9yr old - just no respect!x
  13. Probably just got more snow in the last 1.5hrs than all day yesterday! Quality of snow is clearly very important, lol! Just had M&S Snow - not just any snowflake..... So will there be any more to come here in NE Surrey??!!x
  14. Small flakes but lots of them and falling vertically so covering nicely here in Epsom!!!
  15. It's mad, we'e waited so long and even when everything looks pretty much perfect something crops up - this time was the frontal cloud! Unbelievable!!x