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  1. Quite! As a Southeasterner, I spend all winter on here seeing possible snow predictions only to find out they're always North of the M4 corridor and consequently crying and then most of summer seeing doom and gloom on here, only to find out that is up north and gonna be OK in the SE and consequently smiling, lol!!xx
  2. Just from my own reading of their website forecast they were sadly wrong for this week! Last week they said this week would be dry with mostly sunny/cloudy, around 21c (for Surrey) but it's been quite merky, rained for 2/3 days with hardly any sunshine! They're currently saying better from next week so I really hope so!! I think we've been spoilt with such an amazing Spring!!x
  3. Glad you said that because I had this vague memory of hearing rain in the night (maybe woken by thunder without realising?!) but hubby was convinced there was no rain and dry as a bone this morning! So I wasn't going mad, lol! Just started raining again here near Epsom, quite a sudden change from blue skies to cloudy then rain! At least I don't have the water the garden tonight and the plants always prefer the good stuff from the sky over the hose!! Meto forecasting more early hours through to late morning xx
  4. My poor Mum was pregnant with me from the April and right through the summer of 76! I think the extreme weather whilst I was in utero is what caused my weather obsession, lol!!
  5. Well for someone who LOVES snow and longs for it all winter, I am now desperate for the opposite and some lovely Spring and Summer weather! Last week was amazing and I even caught the sun, despite the cool-ish air!! I see on the Meto that Sunday has a southerly flow and despite it still being breezy and cloudy, will at least be a bit warmer with 14c atm.... obviously subject to change at this stage!!xx
  6. I've been doing a lot of landscaping in my garden (aka bog!!) since January and you can really feel the difference now, sunlight changing in both height and strength - on the few occasions the sun has been out! The air begins to smell different to me and there are green buds everywhere! Such an exciting time of year, with hopes of warmer, drier days to come.... please!!!??xx
  7. Hopefully the payoff for an amazing summer coming up??!!??x
  8. If we don't get a lovely hot dry summer after this pathetic excuse for a winter then I will definitely throw a strop, lol!!! Not a great start to the new decade weather wise but maybe a bad blip before a corking decade to come?!??xx
  9. You wait years for an Amber Warning and then the one you get is for wind, not snow!!!! Aarrgghh!! Ah well, at least it's some excitement in these otherwise end of winter gloomy days, lol!x
  10. Best wait until our foot of snow next week before you start digging it!!????xx
  11. Gggrrr..... well I suppose we all knew it was all a bit too good to be true that far out BUT things haven't gone from wonder to blunder!!! Still lots of potential and could still change from run to run yet!
  12. Yay, my Snow Dance worked!!!!?? One happy Surrey lass if this actually happened!!! Far out but at least it's nice to see something that gives SOME hope than dreary, zonal charts that give NO hope!!!❄❄x
  13. I think the Hunt For Cold thread proved its worth last year!!! It worked great for everyone from the more technical posts to the straight up ramps and jokey banter in between!!! It frees up the Mods time too because far less deleting/moving of posts were needed!! I love it when everyone gets excited at some snowy looking charts and it's nice to not have that squashed by Mods having to do their job as they would have to in the more "serious" MOD thread ??❄❄
  14. Is there a "Hunt for Cold" going to be set up for Winter yet, maybe tomorrow being the first day of meteriological winter?! I know a lot of people really enjoyed it last year and it gave you Mods a break too, lol! ?
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