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  1. We hunt, search and watch ALL WINTER for every miniscule synoptic to be in place and for them to all align in perfect precision..... and miss out nearly every time!! Fast forward to April, exactly 2 weeks after a very hot 20c+ day, with no searching or wanting, we wake-up to random, unexpected and heavy snowfall!! Absolutely crazy!! It's my youngest's 7th birthday today and he's not best pleased because he was looking forward to going to a new playground that'll now be wet but I've told him this might be the only year he ever gets to have a snowball fight on his birthday so we're try
  2. Really interesting reading about people's theories on the changes in April and the historical knowledge some of you have of past seasons! I can admit to being one of those who looks for Spring warmth sunshine by mid Feb! But obviously this does have to be balanced with some rain and cooler days to stay in tune with nature and its wildlife and growing plants/food etc. I guess random frosts will get more attention due to the sudden damage they can cause in just one night - even last Spring, in all its glorious sunny warmth, that late frost in the 3rd week of May happened just after I'd put
  3. I haven't posted for a while either! Just popped on here to see (hope!!) if the MOD thread could give ANY indication of nicer weather that I wasn't seeing in Meto Updates, lol!! After such an amazing start to the week with all that lovely warmth and sunshine, the Easter weekend ends with such dismal 🥶🧊😭😭 I absolutely love snow but my fave time for it is December, followed by Jan then Feb - after that, I'm on the hunt for Spring and warmer, dryer weather!! Ah well, we were spoilt last Spring so you can't have it all but still, this cold spell is very unseasonal!!! Hope everyone is wel
  4. Oh Tom I'm so sorry to come here and read this today and the added tragedy of you having been stuck in and unable to visit in the last year is just heartbreaking 💔😢 I even wonder if I had Covid back in Sept/Oct 2019, I was ill for 5-6wks and took another 3wks to fully regain energy. It started out of the blue with a cough like I've never had before, normally I'd develop a cough after having had a cold and the cough develops to clear the lungs of excess mucous but this was just a sudden cough that was so bad I could barely move or speak or else I'd have a harsh coughing fit that would jus
  5. It's been soooo lovely down here in the southeast! No coat and feeling the sun on my face whilst out in the garden is just what I needed after a long, dull and wet winter in lockdown - apart from the 2 fun snow days we had! I'd love it to stay like this now as I have so many garden projects to finish and a new veggie growing season to start but as you've said, we could have further snow yet!!x
  6. Had some snow overnight so now have a covering on roads, grass and all and been snowing this morning with a few heavier periods but mostly very light. I think the heavier snow has been just to my north according to the radar and what people from Surbiton and Wimbledon are saying! Meto had me down for light snow and sunshine so I'm glad to see that's being held off and the snow seems to keep coming!!x
  7. My sister in law lives near Maidstone and HATES snow - so she has a lot whilst I have barely any an hour away in Surrey - aarrgghh!!x
  8. Well after a very disappointing day with me constantly telling the kids "Don't worry, it's coming!", I'm DONE!!! Off to bed because I woke early as I was excited about today, lol! Meto has me down for light snow tomorrow evening and into Tuesday so I shall try to relax until then with much less expectation! See you for snow chasing tomorrow guys!!😁xx
  9. Any ideas what has caused the frigid air getting delayed so much??!! That seems to be the main issue here and I think the coastal regions are only getting snow because it's heavier there so cooling the air at the same time?x
  10. I cannot believe how long this cold air from the East had been delayed... we were supposed supposed be below zero from early hours and it's still just above freezing here!! Nothing much so far nr Epsom Surrey 😪 Temp was 1.5c at 8am, now 0.6c and falling but just had light blasts of light snow/graupel that have thawed between blasts!! Absolutely gutted and just hope that it increases as the day goes on although it's hard to have faith when something that had seemed so nailed on can fail so bad in the few hours before it was due! Our one saving grace is that, unlike usually, this isn't
  11. Ahh i get what the RH is now! Thanks, that's interesting you're getting so much more than me (well via symbols on the app!), maybe elevation?!xx
  12. Is there a website that shows your local dp? My weather station doesn't have it?!xx
  13. Whereabouts are you Jules? I'm in Surrey and mine has got worse now 🤦🏼‍♀️😭x
  14. I wasn't here then but a kid growing up in 80s winters on Box Hill - so you can see how the obsession started, lol!!!x
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