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  1. As I clicked to open this I was literally having a conversation with hubby - he wants to put the sledge in the loft...He can't do that when snow is a comin' next week!
  2. Now you see ... Ordinarily I would say get lost I ain't believing it til it falls out the sky ... But i've been made a permanant believer again. I'm on the polar express first! :-D
  3. 2c they said ...Only 2c max today ... 3.3c right now! Pft ... It's getting on for double ...
  4. Slushy mess in the garden but who cares! Me and T'Kids are just having snack time then going to try and redeem some of it to make some kinda snowman! Picture to come ..
  5. Plus if the beast comes I might get away with not driving north to my Mother in laws! *Shudder*
  6. Yea it is! It really creeps up on you. I lived and grew up bang opposite minden way. Loved living there. Nice and windy, lovely views over catherines ahhhh they were the days!
  7. Hahaha! I'm just up the road from you. I'll be on my way down on the number 3 .. If its still running! I'm at Harestock far end not far from little tescos. Oh lordie battery hill is a nightmare at the best of times LOL!! I remember fun at the top of stanmore lane by the lights when I was younger! Stalling cars when the lights went red trying to get out of Stanmore lane. Brilliant!
  8. I''m on catch up mate. I moved my toddler into her own room tonight. Took 40 mins to get her down but no major dramas so all good! Just catching up from that. Shedloads to read! And if my butt is burning that much i'll go roll around outside ;-)
  9. There's a tipping box over there ... No left a bit ... Next to all the empty gin bottles ... That's the one ... Good lad!
  10. Yours truely! I've not looked out as I was dealing with kids.Looked out not long ago though and was snizzle then :-)
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