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  1. I am sick of cloud! I've said this so many times but flip it's all i've seen since Easter. Hardly any sun - even sunny days have had cloud aswell. I want a nice day of no cloud just sun and blue sky. I don't even care if its not hot I just want sun.
  2. Good lord is that how long we have been stormed starved! That's more than snow!
  3. Dude if we don't laugh we will cry! And I don't want ot be accused of melting everyones snow now do I?! x
  4. I tell ya what though guys it has been facinating to watch for sure! So many not due any. And I think all of us saw at least some snow in the end. Albeit a sugar coating here or a dig me out job there. Very rare for everyone to see something. We have been lucky to have it at all even if not the amount some wanted or way too much for those that wanted none. I would love to know the ins and outs in thicko language as to why what happened did - both the stalling - the 2ndry low feature - the tiny amounts for here - the falling but not laying etc etc. Lets hope summer is as exciting in storms! Ah I love weather
  5. I just don't understand how!?? How can so much change in such a short distance? This is what has amazed me about this event! How has areas around us got heavy snow and had it lie and we have had lighter - with some heavier but it not lie?? I just don't get it! What happened dudes?
  6. This is new bonkers!! 15 minutes north of me. Been snowing lightly for hours and some heavier but nothing laying! It's mad. Got a dusting now out of this back edge bit but with the constant snow since after lunch I would have expected more to lay I will remember this event for sure. For the close but no cigar on delivery of big goods! Just ripped open little parcels ...
  7. BBC forecasts are rubbish! 4 hrs ago and shows it over the SE. It's still west of here lol
  8. No just the pics above. Mostly gone really. HEavy snow on and off now so hopefully more for you
  9. I just don't understand why it's been so bad for us. I mean flip 11 inches for some and only 1 here which is pretty much gone. Madness! And the radar seriously peed us off for telling everyone we were getting a dumping when nothing was falling. It's mostly just been small dandruff flakes. Hope we can get something else out of it as it moves away but I doubt it. It's sleety right now which is melting it more too. Harsh times! But hey this is Winchester practically never ever have snow so got to be greatful for it and hope that some holds on for when J gets home from school in an hour
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