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  1. Oh the times ive had them as I have long hair! Little buggers they are. Best thing is to ditch the smelly stuff. (They become immune to this) And buy the cheapest hair conditioner you can. Chuck shed loads on. And every other day for a couple of weeks go through the hair when the conditioner is on with a nit comb. Go through it twice if you wish. The sods cant hang onto the hair as its too slippery so they come out with the conditioner. The reason for 2 weeks worth is it gives time to catch the tiny ones the week after that may have hatched since.

    Good Luck! xx

  2. Heya!

    I play poker too! I used to play 2-4cents on Party Poker and was up and down like a yoyo. I tend to sit still and until the time is right to strike. I only play pairs and 10J upwards.

    A friend introduced me to Titan. Here they have lower tables 1-2cents. Much more my scene! I joined with £20 and soared up to £38-50. I am now hovering around £31 and fluctuating by the odd pound or 2 daily.

    My Moto: Patience and we all get paid ... !!

  3. Thanku 4 the IuverIy pictures!! I am m0st h0n0ured2 have my name in your bI0g! Can it be in Iights next time?

    A h0use by the river d0es I00k very r0mantic!! As f0r the river situ i'm n0t very g00d at that type 0f thing! I was thinking with s0mething with s0me gate y0u have t0 g0 thr0ugh t0 get t0 it - maybe a sec0ndary garden?? Beer garden f0r entertaining!!! But fenced/waIIed/treed what ever 0ff s0 IittIe feet w0uId have t0 g0 thr0ugh the gateway - I0cked - first?

    By the way isn't it time f0r an update??

  4. Just checking Beka, but are you by any chance a triangle?

    Nope! LOLOL. But I am pearshaped. To show how rubbish their sizes are. The top which is smaller in size at a 12 is 38inches round that top. And that it quite a bit big.

    And the bloody trouser I have just measure they are 36Inches round the waistband - How the hell is 36inches a size 18?!?!?! Or have I missed something ... :blink:

    I guess I find it really hard knowing what sizes are now as I used to be a size 10 bottom and 8 top like 3 years ago! And I still instinctively look for those sizes in the shop. Silly really ...

  5. Hey Hey!! What a giggle - looks like you have tons of fun out there! Must have taken you ages to type all that. Thankyou for a laugh over my cherrios :D Nearly spat them out at the bit with the guy and his toothbrush, think I would have been in tears if I was you! (With laughter)

  6. Hey! Great to see you have come to blog land!

    It's good to hear of the invents oversea's always interesting.

    Keep posting and for goodness sake don't stop that gorgeous

    webcam with my dream house on it!!!

    Is your house a bit like that? Do you think you could email me some pictures of your roooms? Might just have to design a house to look like those LOL. x

  7. Yeah, that luminous green was a shocker!! As for the pillow incident, don't tell him, he's a bloke, he'll never notice what you've done to the pillow.

    Sorry to hear you suffer SAD, I'm usually really bad with the lack of sunlight by this time of year but had the luxury of a week in Tenerife and some much needed sunshine. Plus the fact that the pills I take regulate my seratonin and melatonin. I actually get a high from the sun now! :D

    Apparently Febuary 14th is the date that most SAD sufferers begin to see an improvement in their well being. Hope you are ok SFB, you know where we are if you need us!!

    Wow how come i've only just noticed this :doh: Sorry ... Well Daniel did notice but apparently it was nice so I let out a huge Phew!!

    My SAD has definatly got better this last couple of weeks so your 14th date isnt far out! Glad you had a nice time in Tenerife!!

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