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  1. Yup! Go Friday PM and home Mon AM. Kids can go back to school for half a day. Booked in our activities - swimming, slime making and tie dye bag making for the kids ... Should keep them out of miscief for at least some of the time!! I'm ready for the break despite having one only 2 months or so ago!
  2. Awww your a sweety! I guess it gets to us all some time! I got the kids home on half term and its weird. Any holidays since corona and it just feels like a repeat of lockdown again. Especially as hubby is STILL working from home. Just dying for him to go back to work so I can reclaim my home and bedroom back! I can't get in to tidy, move or collect the laundry. I feel all too cramped in and claustrofobic (cba to try and spell that right lol). But don't want to go out because its cold and miserable outside too (I have SAD so this time of year is hard any way). Got a mini holiday booked in over the weekend. Thankfully without the nightmare mil this time so looking forward to that. Just feel like I could sleep forever and have no energy/motivation. BLURGH! Right now i've made you all feel suicidal i'll go tidy the kitchen up - ha!
  3. Bored of weather, bored of life, bored of corona. Same old, same old. Fed up.comdom
  4. I'm a warmie but I want 7 inches of snow in winter thank you very much!! Seasons should be ... well ... seasoney!
  5. Just like summer was. Oh and the best part of Spring ... Sigh!
  6. If I want to get blinking cold love I would head off to see santa and the northern lights!! That's on my bucket list. I will cry tears. Real big tears. To see santa and snooow! Aaah!!
  7. Gosh it's cold! I need to get my thermals out! So nice to see the sun though!
  8. Tshirt and shorts only come out when its 23c+ lol. I'm a skinny rake remember! 7 1/2 stone, 5ft 2 teeny weeny meeeee!!
  9. It's cold outside! There is also some men outside! Fit men! In my garden! Doing some landscaping work!
  10. I was thinking that earlier! Been dry here for ages and I was expecting a wet night all night!
  11. Can't see monthly rates but 24th July was my highest daily total of 56.4mm! Today only reached 16.8 so barely anything like gah!
  12. Dry here! For now ... hubby gone out on the razz for his second meal of the day! He left then came back to change his mind and take a brolly after all lol. Women are always right ...
  13. You could be my husband with a sentence like that! Those are the exact same things he does lol!!
  14. Speaks the voice of experience lol. I shall come and visit you whilst I am there!
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