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  1. *Stormforce~beka*

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    That was my first thought LOL!!
  2. *Stormforce~beka*

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    Someone finally got a boner ...
  3. Awesome night down in the SW and we are in a valley! I couldn't hear the baby monitor music for the wind and rain over it. Just awesome! Even if it did terrify the kids
  4. Yup I heard that too just north of Kingsbridge! Very loud on the kids monitor. Looks like that's it for now.
  5. Looks nothing like thunderstorms outside to me ... I would ignore it all chaps! It's freezing out there n' all! More chance of snow ...
  6. 21c here now. It's gone freezing lol
  7. Anything for us or has it all gone north like?
  8. It's all good in mug central. We are all naked lolol
  9. How the ruddy hell do you lot manage yummy storms and still to wake up to blue skys! I'm under that left of tosh from the East and got no action
  10. Oh to be in London right now ...!