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  1. Mostly rubbish this way! Although your East of us - Storms like to split and and East/West of IOW at times so your on the right side of East I guess
  2. That channel always kills it. Gah and left over cloud tosh for tomorrow stopping anything else forming too I bet
  3. Priceless shot! The photo that is ... Nothing to do with the winning lol
  4. Bootiful!. I still have both kids up so they better go to sleep soon!!
  5. How far to walk to it? Nothing here yet but can usually start spotting some once it hits the solent!
  6. Gah. I came here to catch up on what this storm is about and all I get is 2 pages of chat about naming storms and how to pronounce it. ...! No news today it looks so can't be that bad this time.
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