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  1. Just froze my weeble off outside at a kids party for 2 hours. 15c and thick cloud.
  2. I dunno where meto are getting their 17c from for today! It's only 14c here now ...! It's absolutely discusting!! It shouldn't be this low now we are in summer.
  3. Yup! It's all stopped! 😉 I won't post it but rain can be done on collection only. Got a paddling pools worth out there ...
  4. I don't remember it raining for over 24 hours in a very long time - if ever?! I feel like it must have and I should remember it though ...!!
  5. I just walked through some grass on the way home that went squelch! Not surprising after a 24 hour drowning lol. It really is one extreme to the other in this country!
  6. I think that 52 is nearer to the mark. It started again here for school run. We got somewhat drowned! I've just brought some wellibobs. My trainers did not survive the morning ... So we are are now at almost 25 hours of rain. It didn't stop long before so i'm not counting that lol
  7. Oh and temperatire has dropped off from 17.3c to 13.3c! BRRR!! Back to Spring again ...
  8. 36mm here although I feel that is somewhat under rated! The monthly total is 50 though so most of it has dumped itself in the past 24 hours! It's just about still going here although very light now
  9. No it didn't if you turn back the radar. It's been raining for 18 hours straight now ...!
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