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  1. The channel is starting to look rather beefy now. maybe......just maybe?
  2. Cotentin Peninsula = that bit from the end of War Games.
  3. I'm thinking the plume is travelling too much to ENE for my location.
  4. Yep, just starting raining here in West Dorset. I'm still hopeful something will happen just not sure to what extent.
  5. More starting to crop up around the Guingamp area.
  6. Hi Folks, Currently sat in the garden enjoying a beer whilst the front to the west slowly encroaches as it has been all morning. Great viewing.
  7. Heavy rain falling and distant thunder....bring it on!
  8. From the album Lewesdon 2010

  9. From the album Lewesdon 2010

  10. From the album Lewesdon 2010

  11. From the album Lewesdon 2010