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  1. Odd thing is though, our local Co-op isn't running low on things like soup. Its bread, milk, booze. And not in that order.
  2. No need for sensibilities when its snowing.
  3. Cider, some more cider, more cider and some cider.
  4. I'd love a reasonably settled March, temperamental April, intermittent May and and scorching June and July. August, come she must.
  5. Its been a beautiful day for us S4. Its blowin a hoolie out there now and all its blowin around is ice and snow.
  6. I'm pivoting. Just seen someone surfing the drifts in an ice storm. Nice!
  7. Bit of a lull here at the moment. Hopeful that we'll get a top up later.
  8. Will it beat a Friday in January 2013 is all I'm concerned about. I remember the Thursday night was when the snow arrived and the Friday morning we went sledging. 2010 was a cold fest. 1987, I was 10, living in Norfolk and remember my Dad trying to get his students to school. It will live long in the memory. Dorset and snow is a weird one, but maybe? Please!??!
  9. The channel is starting to look rather beefy now. maybe......just maybe?