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  1. Well if that's what we call cold weather, it was atrocious. On to much milder weather rather than cold rain. Rant over..
  2. Realistically you need the front to stall. This way the cold will be in place for longer
  3. Anybody got the charts with the dam line? Looking at for tomorrow's event and where the dam line will be situated.
  4. Unsure about upgrades. MO seem to think otherwise. From past experiences GFS isn't accurate at presenting snow for the south
  5. Hopefully the front will stall on Thursday, allowing the dew points to be lowered
  6. Has anybody got the latest FAX charts? These are typically the most consistent and excellent for comparison's.
  7. Met office aren't convinced with 10 degrees highlighted for my area. Front would have to stall significantly.
  8. This is very marginal. It seems anything south of London has temperatures round 4-5 degress
  9. Looking at the latest GFS, it doesn't look good for the snow on the south coast. Marginal in terms of cold and precipitation
  10. I don't see much snow happening with high pressure being dominant for the near future. Also the long term doesn't look very positive as it looks like we have lost all opportunity of an easterly, and have to rely on anything from the north. Sustained cold has not stuck around for long, with typically missing the vital ingredient for anything spectacular. Overall its been a disappointing winter, although I had snow last night (not much) I feel sorry for the guys that had none at all and 4-5c is too warm during the day.
  11. Slight covering, has not covered the grass though. 1.5/10.. Although it is nice to see some white stuff for a change.
  12. Please explain your point.. This isn't showing anything progressive in my eyes, am I missing something?
  13. So that's it guys game set and match for this evening.. Although positivity is difficult to come by for the long term, back to zonal and the atlantic influence..
  14. 5c and raining here, hardly surprising. Met Office got it spot on again unfortunately..
  15. Haha ok, The models have found a trend for the weekend although they have been flipping all over the place.
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