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  1. 2 hours ago, Dangerous55019 said:

    Morning everyone. :oldsmile:
    Well today is the day that it has finally happened! Today is the first time this year that I have felt and seen autumn pop its head over the metaphorical parapet. :yahoo:
    Firstly, when I came out of the house this morning at 05:00, the first thing I heard was the autumn song of the Robin... Natures sound track to gathering mists, ripening fruits, and shortening days if ever there was one.
    Secondly, I had to clear the heavy dew and dampness off the car windows for the first time... Always a good sign the autumn is very close by... At this time of year anyway. 
    And thirdly, whilst driving into work I saw the gentle, mellow mists just hanging over the fields, and starting to spread out over the lanes... Very autumnal! :oldgrin:

    Now don't get me wrong, I know its only early August, and I'm fully aware that summer has probably got one or two nasty surprises and tricks left up it sleeves, but for an hour or so this morning I felt, and saw the promised land... And it felt wonderful. ???:clap::drinks:



    Beautiful ! I always look forward to your lovely photos in this thread. The first glimpse of Autumn certainly felt very present this morning ? 

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  2. Sorry I missed the replies - been on my holidays :)


    Hi Chris , good luck with S104 . I am actually doing BA History but I have 30 credits free choice and S141 looks just my cup of tea ! Hoping we have a great winter for me to study :)


    I work full time too and it does get fraught at times , especially around TMA time but manageable ( for me anyway)  and worth it .

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  3. I agree - this morning reminded me of autumn, and I started to think of those first frosty mornings in October.. the first genuinely chilly mornings.. when you can see your condensed breath very clearly.. it was visible this morning, but only like a faint mist above the ground, rather than the stuff that is like fog leaving your lungs!


    And on another note, butterflies keep flying into my window.


    This morning reminded me of a lovely Autumn morning too . I have enjoyed some fantastic sunshine and heat this summer but I am ready for the next season now :)

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