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    Normanton ,West Yorkshire 41m asl
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    Winter snow sports , watching NFL and all things snow !!
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    Mild Spring , hot summer , crisp autumn and snowy cold winters

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  1. Awful muggy day !! Feeling cheated by Autumn .. where is that lovely chill in the air!?

    1. Richard2901


      It's horrific and really depressing now. 8th consecutive disgusting double digit min followed by 8th consecutive disgusting cloudy day. One of the worst ever autumn spells without a doubt.

    2. Bottesford


      Well we only got warmth of any kind 14th April so if autumn does the same but in reverse.. maybe 14th Oct you'll get your first chill! Saying that we have already had some cool weather in Sept.

    3. Letitsnowyorkshire


      Its the dankness of it all that is awful! It it was the current temp with some sun I would mind but it is wall to wall cloud. I am wanting clear(ish) skies and a lovely nip in the air. Every season has to make way for the next so come on Autumn!!

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