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  1. just seen the santa shaker for the first time this year!! feeling pretty jazzed!!! :D

  2. IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!

    1. CreweCold


      Ahhhhh so that's where my storm (that I've been waiting 2 years for) is.

    2. cheese


      There's been a backlog with your order CreweCold - expected delivery time is indefinite.

    3. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      Mine got taken away with the NSA documents and was promptly destroyed by the evil government and their storm killing north sea

  3. is it to early for the winter long range forcast?

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    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      far too early come back in mid November and you'll be getting closer to them getting released

    3. frogesque


      It's too early to get an accurate forecast for the weekend! :)

    4. Certain kind of fool

      Certain kind of fool

      i forecast that any forecasts which cast doubt on the winter being anything approaching average, let alone above will be ignored anyway. I also predict tears and cyber toys out of tiny cyber prams on the forum a la every previous winter season.

  4. if you ever want a tasty treat then toast ya self two piecs of bread. butter them with butter or any spread like butter. take one piece and spread some jam on them (seedless mixed fruit is my preferred choice but raspberry would make an awesome substitute). then take the other piece of toast and add a generous dollop of "hellmans" mayonaise, that's "hellmans" mayonaise and stick 'em both together (like a sandwich) and enjoy! sounds a little bit "out there" but believe me it's like a party in ya mouth and loads of cool people are there!! you have to try it before you die!! hahaha! (i don't mean that if you don't try it then you'll die..... more of a bucket list kinda thing.... ahem!). and as someone posted on page one, peanut butter and ketchup is awesome!!
  5. incase you were wondering, my name is Pete

  6. make the most of me as i will only be here for the festive period.....

  7. here's a vid that me and my homeys made a few years ago...... 1st in a trilogy haha!! enjoy!!
  8. new vid from bbc weather, highlighting the cold snap on the way next week!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/20419248
  9. a bumper crop of christmas trees eh? i bet they will still cost an arm and a leg!!!
  10. i have to be honest but i think it's all a case of "fore warned is fore armed!" and as we all here should know by now that what a mod shows today may not be what it shows tomorrow........
  11. sound top!! i'll share some of mine too.... very rough though hahaha!
  12. i had an ibenez custom about 20 years ago, awesome guitar!!! your new one looks sweet!! what stuff do you play?
  13. you can rent it matey.... times are hard!!!
  14. haha! takes me ages to look this good!! i also noticed that liam liked it too ;D
  15. crimsonp

    Make us laugh

    It's 2.35 in the morning!!! I was just getting tucked up in bed when there was a knock at the front door. Disgruntled, I got up and went down stairs, opened said door to see a man standing there. Asking what he wanted he said "Sorry to disturb you mate but can you give me a push?" I said to him "Look mate i'm in my boxers and it's 2.30 in the morning!" with that i closed the door, went back upstairs and got back into bed. My wife turned over and asked what was going on, so I told her what had happened. Then she said to me "Imagine if that was us, stuck in the middle of nowhere, how greatful would we be for a little assistance!". So I calmed her down, got out of bed,put on her dressing gown, went back down stairs, opened the door but it seemed that the fellow had gone! So I called out "Hey mate, where are you?" Then a small voice called back to me through the darkness saying "I'm over here, on the swings!!"
  16. crimsonp

    Make us laugh

    I was sitting at the bar in my local pub this afternoon having a chat with some mates of mine, Phil, Terry and Ste. We were all being the proud dads and I was telling them about my son and how old he was (7 at christmas, fook, time flies!) Any how, Phil said "Wait until he's my lads age, I went up stairs yesterday to get him for his dinner but he wasn't in his bedroom!" he said "So i thought I'd have a toot round, you know, see what stuff he's into these days, and do you know, at the side of his bed I found a pack of cigs!" Phil looked a tad micturated off at this point and continued "he's only twelve, twelve!!! I didn't even know he smoked!!!" Terry piped up then as Phil found no solace in his empty pint glass. "Same kind of thing happened to me once." said terry, trying to get the attention of the bar maid. "I found a half full bottle of vodka in my sons drawers once, he's only 15! I didn't even know he drank!! 3 pints and a coke please." I'm now thinking at this point, "don't we all do that onions at that age?" Then ste, who is normally the quite on, joined in the conversation by saying " you think you men have got problems with your kids, I found a packet of condoms in my 14 year old daughters bedroom the other day, 14!!! I didn't even know she had a dick!!!"
  17. crimsonp

    Make us laugh

    in the glove box, obviously!! ya big silly!
  18. crimsonp

    Make us laugh

    what do jimmy savile and father christmas have in common? they both leave kiddies bedrooms with empty sacks!!
  19. i want some peanuts!

  20. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

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