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  1. Lightly snowing in Long Sutton, South Lincolnshire. We have a light covering over the cars and grass now.
  2. Lovely big flakes falling in March, Cambs now and readily settlng. Very nice to see.
  3. Makes it very hard reading this thread with some of the moaning. If it's that important going by the messages of utter despair on here then perhaps a drive up north to get your snow fix might be in order. Anyway possibly some snow for this area later today. Some very dark clouds appearing overhead in March, Cambs at the moment.
  4. Currently -0.5c and dew point -1 in King's Lynn. Dark old clouds rolling in. Despite what the GFS is showing not expecting much to reach this far east tonight.
  5. Hi all, Seems to be amazing uncertainty with where snow/rain will fall tonight. The Metoffice are saying it will get nowhere near far enough east to hit Lincs/the fens/Norfolk but the GFS shows several hours of preciptation in the area. regards JJB
  6. Some of the flood defences in King 's Lynn have been breached and the sealife centre in Hunstanton is under water!
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