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  1. I read the IPCC climate change report and came here thinking I would find an intellectual conversation on the subject. Oh how wrong I was..... Instead I am frankly astonished, this threat reads like half a bunch of tin foil hat wearing climate change deniers. I find it bizarre and staggering that with an overwhelming majority of the worlds experts in the relevant fields stating the facts, that some people deny its happening. Especially in this forum of all places. I suppose a similar thing would have happened if the internet was available when flat earth believers were more abundant in so
  2. I am driving from the Isle of Wight to Rochester in Kent tonight for work in the morning. Heading off at 6pm tonight. Is this a good idea?
  3. i have my christmas works do on monday evening in newport on the isle of wight. I was going to get a taxi home but looking at this chart I might just flap my arms and get blown home.
  4. also on the isle of wight and have to drive from cowes to shanklin for work on monday morning, should be interesting
  5. Looking forward to a sultry weekend!

  6. Slightly staining my pants and the thought of my ferry travel this week!

  7. Gloomy and chilly outside, making it nice and cosy inside!

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