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  1. From what I can gather this could well turn out to be the last chance saloon, really hope that the stuff that some of us had on Boxing Day doesn't turn out to be our lot for the season.
  2. It's good to see that the 18z Parallel is starting to pick up the mantle from it's predecessor
  3. If things take a real turn for the worse between now and the start of the winter then there's always a Plan B, no way am going to just wait it out in the faint hope that February 'might' produce something like I did last time.
  4. Having just had a look at the Winter 11/12 equivalent of this thread I do have to admit that prospect of another above average Autumn does give me a bit of the heebie geebies, now I know that there's several other factors involved, some which happen to look rather positive at the minute but still.....
  5. What I'd ideally want is November/December 2010 type synoptics even though I'm 99.9% sure that it's not going to happen, btw are the MOD and Regional discussion threads from that period still archived somewhere? as I'd really love to have a look at them
  6. The persistence of the Vortex this year really has been quite something, even now as the season draws to a close it's still determined not to give the UK any sort of sniff at cold, hopefully this turns out to be just a one off and not something which marks the beginning of another 90s/early 2000s type period.
  7. Well I'll a consolation bit of snow if it comes , it's better than nothing at all I suppose.
  8. This Winter really has gone out of it's way to remind us how difficult it can be for the UK to get Cold, we were well and truly spoilt over the last 4/5 years.
  9. Todays output merely reflects what Tamara said yesterday when she threw in the towel as far this Winter is concerned, looks like I have no other choice but to up to the Caingorms to get my snow fix then.
  10. A drier period/spell is inevitable some point, that said it really surprise me if unsettled turns out to be a recurring theme this year with conditions getting even worse if anything under the influence of northern blocking.
  11. Thank god my footy team are doing so well, don't know what I'd be like now if that wasn't the case.
  12. One thing is for sure if nothing ends up materializing over the next month (highly likely) and next Winter starts off in a similar fashion then I'm going to stop model watching indefinitely until we get another cold spell worthy of the name which for all we know could take years and years.
  13. I have massive dilemma on my hands now, do I just around and wait for something to materialise or do I take a trip to the alps/ Switzerland and risk making a fool out of myself in event that the cold does end up arriving?, either way I can't win.
  14. I may well have to start planning a trip abroad very soon if that outlook is set in stone, can't stand the thought of having to wait at least another 10-13 months before seeing anymore Snow.
  15. Stuff winter, if cold/snow is going to become all the more rare in the future due to climate change I'd take it if meant warmer/drier summers became more of common occurrence.
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