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  1. Snow starting to settle on grass and shed. Not roads . Dew point dropping quickly. Will it stall and pivot?
  2. Here in Colchester mad gusts. just wondering when will be the peak of the storm for my area?
  3. whooa what a rough evening now.just started to kick off here heavy rain and gusts!
  4. it it very cold but I did notice the temp went up a couple of c. then dropped bck down again. currently -3c
  5. a hem yes much more colder than expected tonight. I had the chicken full roast I didn't do yesterday ice everywhere
  6. will do just had a few messages from others here telling me there weather apps just changed to snow incoming.lol yawn I told them a few hrs ago lol. hope I don't get egg on my face now
  7. I just said that about the north sea. it seems to be coming in further and further
  8. that stuff coming off north sea looks like its coming more inland ? could that link up????
  9. That looks much further east than predicted.still watching radar and wishing
  10. I think so just been looking at prediction by met and radar now. that top piece I alot further east atm.very marginal but I have noticed a swing east over my region before.
  11. snow to rain Is the worst. one minute your happy then you see it all washing away. if that's what Monday might bring I think id rather it didn't bother lol
  12. With a temp of 1c and dew point of -3.3 c I will be in for snow If we do get some of that blob ❄
  13. Been watching that myself.It may go over me.its lovely and dry out there will settle although there's not much .we had loads last night but so wet it was a real waste.
  14. Hi guys Thank you all for my wonderful reading material everyday.keep up the good work.please when you post a chart can you say what your seeing as well. cheers floatylight.x
  15. please its time for 'that'ecm

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      just gone the anniversary hasn't it! was 5th Dec '12

  16. rip god bless

    our weather buddy

    David McDonald gone far too soon.

    1. DisruptiveGust


      OMG Just seen his Facebook wall, R.I.P David :(

    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      RIP Dave Mac - so sorry to hear this sad news :-( 

  17. Defiantly Hoolie time out there Persistent strong wind with big gusts Haven't seen a trampoline yet though.
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