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  1. Snow starting to settle on grass and shed. Not roads . Dew point dropping quickly. Will it stall and pivot?
  2. please its time for 'that'ecm

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      just gone the anniversary hasn't it! was 5th Dec '12

  3. rip god bless

    our weather buddy

    David McDonald gone far too soon.

    1. DisruptiveGust


      OMG Just seen his Facebook wall, R.I.P David :(

    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      RIP Dave Mac - so sorry to hear this sad news :-( 

  4. mother in law just repoted the huge conifer at the bottom of her garden came down. Luckily its gone down the other way as it would have gone straight throught the house! posh fencing and swing chair trashed. But noone hurt thank goodness. The clear up will be a long job its a monster of a tree. This belongs to people at the bottom of her garden behind the fence so whos got to pay for it???
  5. Really getting up here.its valentines night and my 11year old is scared and in bed with us!!!L Edit,the wind. Is getting up I meant,fat chance of anything else lol
  6. well blowing a hoolie already here:( if it gets worse than this i think there will be major destruction tonight. going to bed with a tourch maybe crash helmet would be wiser. i cant believe its this bad already!
  7. What does a northern movement mean exactly?,the amber warning for the bottom of the country should it move further up now?cheers x
  8. Hi guys beside myself with worry now. My little girl maisey on a trip to greenwich from colchester with primary school tommorow leaving at08:00hrs Coming home 16:00 hrs. I have no clue when this storm will hit? I know the headmaster is a bit dimm and dont trust him. I mean its all very well leaving in the morning but what about coming home (( I need some sort of timing?? Any thoughts please xx
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