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  1. I can see the lightning to the North of me from the top of Salisbury Plain. Very impressive it looks from this distance...
  2. I don't often say much here, but I think it's worth noting that I can see the impressive High Wycombe cloud from here near Salisbury...
  3. Lightly snowing again on the edge of the Plain here in Old Sarum. A photograph of the aftermath of last night's snow, which made some interesting wave-like drifts down the road. (Note, the big "drifts" in the background are actually piles of chalk!)
  4. Yes, still going in Old Sarum, and I advise any locals not to attempt the A345 up to Amesbury, which is currently blocked going North, and only handfuls of cars are coming South...
  5. I've just seen a gritter AND a plough going up the road to Amesbury, so I'm guessing that high, open area around High Post is a mess...
  6. So, some snow, as I know snow lovers love this kind of thing. Taken near Old Sarum, Salisbury at about 5.45ish. It's still snowing!
  7. As somebody said earlier, you might be too far west. You certainly are at the moment. There's possibly a small chance later this evening.
  8. From Marlborough, the distant storms are lighting up the skies to the south every few seconds now, and though the stars are still out I can see the first sign of wispy clouds from the front approaching...
  9. I can see the sky lighting up to my South from here in Marlborough - where's that coming from? It's not the Cornwall storm. I guess it's the random pops on the south coast...
  10. Been thundering and raining for about 20 minutes in Newbury.Sounds like its moving away west now though...
  11. Well, that was a lot of thunder and lightning, and an awful lot of hail Seems to be moving NEnow, but with various stings in its tail... In fact, I just stuck my head outside the front door, and it's just one long. never-ending rumble...
  12. A bit inland, a mile or two, at one of the holday parks, Mullacot, so I hope to escape the worst of it (not that I'm expecting anything good from it, either )
  13. I picked a great weekend for a mini-break in Woollacombe. Still, at least it's not the Channel coast
  14. Yep, rumbles of thunder here in Marlborough as well. All pretty distant so far...
  15. Y'all, Any idea where I can get a detailed info on the West Country weather for '76? Specifically a) at the Wiltshire and Devon ends and during What would be the Easter and Summer college breaks. I need to know for <ahem... shuffles feet embarrassedly> for a novel I'm writing set in that timeframe in those locations....</embarrassment> Cheers Steve
  16. Steve_De4

    Pathetic Westbury snow 2

    The second pic of our pathetic Westbury snow (28 Nov 05)

    © &copy; steve dewey

  17. Steve_De4

    Pathetic Westbury snow 1

    One picture of the pathetic snowfall in Westbury

    © &copy steve dewey

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