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  1. As somebody said earlier, you might be too far west. You certainly are at the moment. There's possibly a small chance later this evening.
  2. From Marlborough, the distant storms are lighting up the skies to the south every few seconds now, and though the stars are still out I can see the first sign of wispy clouds from the front approaching...
  3. I can see the sky lighting up to my South from here in Marlborough - where's that coming from? It's not the Cornwall storm. I guess it's the random pops on the south coast...
  4. An excellent choice by Andy there, and I'd just like to mention that Redhorn Hill is on the Wessex Ridgeway, which is a byway open to all traffic around the northern edge of Salisbury Plain. The road is maintained and can be driven all the way from the Lavingtons to Upavon if you get bored with staying in one place. Also at Redhorn, if you have a vehicle with ground clearance, is a premissive byway into the Plain which - if the red flags aren't flying - takes you through wide open heathland and down to the southern edge of the Plain.
  5. The second pic of our pathetic Westbury snow (28 Nov 05)

    © © steve dewey

  6. One picture of the pathetic snowfall in Westbury

    © &copy steve dewey