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  1. I'm also in llanharan and it's raining, thaw setting in well - roll on spring ?
  2. But it just won't get here, it dies out over the Bristol Channel...
  3. So frustrating, looking at the radar it's dying out before reaching us, all we are getting is the fine snizzle, not the heavy stuff.
  4. Well I hope so, I'll be In work tomorrow at this rate!
  5. It's mad how it can snow heavily all day but leave no real covering as the flakes are so fine they just blow around...
  6. Come onnnnnnn, it's far too light, just snizzle. Just saw the news and it looks like clearing from midnight too ?
  7. Sod all here now, just snizzle - when is the big stuff meant to come?
  8. I'm expected to travel and so is my husband who is working 3pm till midnight. Will just have to keep an eye on things.
  9. I'm looking at the radar - surely that ppn that's currently just to the south of us at around Bristol at the moment isn't the big event? It looks as though it will have broken down by the time reaches us and will be all over by mid morning?
  10. Wind is blowing a hoolie out there, will that affect anything? Will it bring showers across from the east?
  11. Are we still looking good? Forecast in my area seems to be showing less snowfall amounts.
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