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  1. He's not chopping firewood he's building a boat to sale to Scandinavia for some snaw. Away to station park Forfar to watch my kids football this morning so dare I say it one benefit of this winter is good weather for the kids and watching adults. I'm trying to cling to this to avoid moaning about no snow.
  2. Just give it another week from then... What could go wrong.... GFS 18z always verifies.
  3. Further to Kirkcaldy post If you want to be really depressed go to twitter and search #NLWX and enjoy the newfoundland peoples pics and vids of their snowstorm.
  4. Yes I've noticed The positive is that it really makes you appreciate it when it comes and also that I should never have let the thought pass through my head in 2010 of ive actually had enough of the snow now
  5. Well in the last 4 years I've had 3 days of lying snow which is crazy.... 2 came from the beast and even then we only got 4 inches from the beast...... Been really slim pickings for a while here. I knew 2010 was epic and a once in a lifetime but didn't know I was using up 210 years of snow during that spell
  6. Bully for you SS we are all delighted for you heading to your fresh snow Enjoy mate
  7. Don't be so sceptical..... The snaw is coming
  8. I spent a fair bit of money up there in October on the tubing and in the cafe.... Kids had a magic time so a few more ideas like the tubing will be needed if snaw is becoming extinct
  9. Wind picked right up here and small hail rattling the windows
  10. Frosty and not a breath of wind here, 4c apparently but feels much cooler. Not sure we will see too strong winds through here. Models still trending cold and frosty next week although not snowy for those who live at a standard height.
  11. Steve I thought u were signed off for winter perhaps you should just stay out the madhouse but post in here we are a welcoming bunch.... Certainly looks interesting for some unfortunately not me at my 21m elevation and location.
  12. Yes some scary chat about the tornados occurring at night potentially and they are 50 per cent more deadly in darkness.
  13. Sitting watching American TV weather Channel and its currently 72 c in oklahoma and its going to be 26c on Saturday and snowing..... Crazy switch with record warmth tomorrow in USA and blizzards Saturday
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