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  1. I think the amber is just covering a larger area in case the storm tracks a bit differently and perhaps hits a bit harder than anticipated..... Wouldn't take much too cause a lot of issues with the trees so full of leaves Nice to have some weather to take an interest in.....my friend has been called in to work at SSE with them anticipating issues
  2. biblical rain this afternoon and contant thunder for an hour.... lots of flash flooding... by the time i came home was stunning evening... still 20 c on car at 9.00 and lovely sitting out.... not a cloud in sky just now and still feeling warm and no signs of a storm now
  3. i hear u norrance absolutely no sleep last night..... and not much tonight i doubt....dam noisy birds when windows open
  4. ironically it is the whitest it has been here durimg this spell right now and didnt expect that yesterday i drove from Perth to Falkirk to Straiton and back to Perth in a kind of circle and the differences in snow in different areas was remarkable.... Auchterarder really is some kind of weird micro climate that always seems to do very well yet it is only 12 miles from. Perth and 90m higher at 100 ASL.... kids are actually. not phased by snow now that's a sign we have seen a lot falling this winter if not always givimg. significant depths..... its weird not hearing excited yelps at flakes falling from the sky lets hope they are back next winter after a glorious summer. Great ending to a hard story @More Snow heres to many snowy weathers together with the 🍽
  5. it must be miserable for you having to be happy
  6. just starting to lie on grass here.... very squally with stronger gusts at time.... one lovely last lampie watch whilst we have not had crazy depths or sustained cold spells here it has snowed in November December January February March
  7. too far north and too low down here i think..... still its chilly out there so i will arranging indoor activities for the kids today me thinks
  8. what the grumpy bungle said first coaching of the year at the local park now the light nights are here and gonna be wrapped up well.... thoroughly miserable out there
  9. Good attitude Tim Take note thread
  10. ach that will soon be forgotten and back to his normal moaning ways next winter
  11. wow just looked out and its completely white and fairly heavy..... @hawesy interesting you mentioned Toronto im off there this summer.... been lots of times in summer but would love to go out one winter and go snowmobiling on the lakes...
  12. it is madness an adult thread cannot have the odd swear word.... in fact its complete bulls testicles snaw has not called off morning football but being waterlogged has will take that for a lie in
  13. still just raining here and thoroughly miserable but wpuld be later on tull it turned here a covering to cancel footy in the morning and enjoy one last weather induced lie in would be most welcome
  14. the weather feels exactly like before the beast earlier in month.... grey, wind getting up and a windchill to cut you in half..... maybe its a sign the northwards trend shall continue PS @hawesy i am actually happy to approve spring commencing on April 1st.... i think thats fair.... ive decided to be considerate of our farming friends