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    Luncarty (4 miles north of Perth 19m ASL)
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    Love Football Golf Weather

    Have 3 daughters 13, 7 and 5 who are brilliant but extremely tiring and a son 4 year old who is football crazy.

    Also love Christmas and TV

    Favourite TV is Deadliest Catch, Goldrush, Extreme Engineering, The Apprentice and breaking bad

    If i ever get a minute like to play FIFA18 and GTA5 and some golf

    I work as a project manager which generally means creating and reading a million documents a day.
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  1. Wash yer mooth oot Mair Snaw u are supposed to be the voice of snaw reason ðŸĪŠ
  2. Torrential since 8am here, has never let up at all. Kids first game of the season cancelled tomorrow...u couldn't make it up.... Never mind only a few weeks till the hunt for snow begins and it can't be worse than last year...
  3. I don't think it would be wrong to say I have seen more lightning tonight than the rest of my entire 45 years, the house constantly lighting up like a scene from a horror movie.
  4. 2.19am been going for hours really ramping up now and kids all awake just as they go back to school after 145 days off 😂. Incredibly slow moving storm, I fear for my mother in law who is petrified by thunder as she is currently in a caravan in pitlochry.
  5. Been well over 2 hours here, first time I have got bored and come back in because seen so many flashes 😂
  6. Thats from 2015 the pic. Not sure why he posted it again making seem like was tonight.
  7. It was pal.... Heavy and nice to look at but never accumulated at all... The misery lives on.... Were u working down this way or just on a jolly
  8. Torrential icy rain sleet here absolutely vile... Depressing winter finishing as it has been throughout.
  9. Not too much to do though.... No offence tiff ? couldn't agree more re the guys, I have a timeshare in Aviemore which has a real buzz to it these days and plenty activities and a close drive to the cairngorm or Loch morlich and to a large city Inverness.... Really has a bit of everything.
  10. ? And snow in EDI city centre What the actual ?
  11. I blame your negativity for my heavy rain ?
  12. Not even sleety mess... Just heavy rain... Winter 19/20 ?
  13. ? ? We are used to disappointment.... Are u cycling tomorrow ?
  14. I wish u luck all the way until perth but hope its blocked by large drifts.... One can dream
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