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  1. the fox in the snow belle and sebastian
  2. my guess is LS actually found a girl and lost his virginity and realised weather was actually boring when yer a young lad..... i expect him back in 15 or so years time his knowledge was incredible..... however plenty of you guys are top notch including Lorenzo who has gone all Stephen Hawkings with his brilliant strat knowledge i told everyone at work 3 days ago about this so im going to look quite clever as long as does not go titticus verticus now
  3. @hawesy just you forget about march warmth and negative thoughts and concentrate on your snow totals.... i think daily and cumulative predictions are in order so better get a sickie planned
  4. with charts like this i think we will all do ok of course wont quite pan out exactly but nearly every model shows similar
  5. ha nice mate.... be confident.... i think plenty gonna make it through to you
  6. yup thats probably not a bad guess but id maybe go as far as 5 cm in Dundee certainly that and more by end of Wednesday..... based on current output i used to be a 7 or 8 for optimism... recent winters have driven me to a 5 but im pretty confident this spell will deliver
  7. i think we will see odd flurries from early Monday and some half decent showers later Monday night making it in as far as Perth and Tueaday Wednesday far more heavy snow reaching further in.....
  8. @jamieson87 make sure you add your location to your details....... dont worry its not too stalk you just so when u report its snawing we know whaur aboots
  9. thank you @Bring Back1962-63an outstanding well put together very readable post for even a novice
  10. yikes..... i was on the cusp of believing quite a severe frost here this morning... hopefully things correct further north this evening...
  11. u cant fight this @Hawesy perth certainly looking bang in firing line but after so many misses in recent years its hard to believe we are almost certain to see snow whatever model is correct just how much is hugely up in the air
  12. if charts are the same tomorrow im on full out ramp mode..... that 2010 photo of the playhouse was stunning
  13. not been in here as had so many pages over weekend to waft through on MT.... inctedible potential potentially..... remember tell noone aboot this or u will jinx it.... traditionally do well here from any easterly direction so everything is crossed for a great end to a winter tbat has promised much but delivered little here although at least got the sledge out west defo been best but about to change to east for the beast