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  1. We had a biblical downpour and some large cracks of thunder but no actual visible lightning. Now in Amber area so hopefully some exciting storms without any flooding for anyone. We have just built a 30sqm wooden gazebo which I was delighted with until the rain came in sideways in the wind in the downpour yesterday so going to need to add some sides as these downpours severity look like they are more common these days.
  2. many flurries here, none of which have lay, the wind though means the coldest i have felt all winter....nothing feels quite as cold as a strong northerly.
  3. Just looked out window to see snow lying and blowing around at ferocious speed... Did not expect that... Rarely see anything from a northerly
  4. Well this is disappointing came on assuming someone would have posted charts etc to show what was headed our way , gonna need to go look myself... Certainly a cold wind today but the kids just laughed as radio mentioned snow... Its not winter dad how could it snow they ask
  5. Had my first outdoors meeting of the year on laptop today... Shorts hoody and laptop sitting on the patio in gazebo with sun feeling strong. Big change now feeling very chilly walking the dog, had a spectacular sunset much like Cheggers pic.
  6. Yeah a good point knew a friends son flooded out there house in the August storm and only just back in
  7. Good to see @Cheggershaving a whale of a time......boom boom Bit of a worry these weather warnings as the tay was very high yesterday so I can imagine flooding for usual suspects... This is normally a 2 metre path by the river.... Water must be a good 6ft higher than normal....
  8. Hope you are not too sore today HC... Steady thaw on the go here some big amounts of snow falling off trees.. Quite spectacular at times... Happy valentines day all and to our guilty pleasure the weather
  9. Feels emotional like saying goodbye to a loved one but a very old loved one so your not sad they have gone but happy for the time you have had. This spell ticked a lot of boxes Large populated areas with snow 5 plus days of snow sledging and fun Late night lampie and radar watching Incredibly low temperatures High winds with drifting snow I would take one spell like this every winter if it meant no other snow. Farewell mini beast may you return next year.
  10. Quite a se streamer setting up, Montrose getting dumped on assuming it is snow there. Be parts of Aberdeenshire getting another top up to wake up to.
  11. Magic Dr can't imagine the angst that has been... Amazing the pick me up something as natural as snow can be... Lets hope he can see some falling again before winters out. On the dog walk tonight the snow was glistening like it was covered in diamonds. 20210211_195400.mp4
  12. I love snow I love when it's cold to keep the snow... I love extreme weather and seeing records broken.... However I will wait till later for a walk when it warms up to - 3ish.... I need my kids to not hate me anymore than they already do
  13. Great to hear @Blitzenhome and OK..... Some great pics @Hairy Celtyou take some cracking photos..... Feels like something missing tonight.... Seems like my life was a constant refresh of the radar and here for days... A cracking spell of weather... Have taken Friday off to have fun with kids and go find a decent sledging spot as you never know when the next chance is coming.... Its been a blast and great to see so many new posters although it was getting hard to keep up Hope everyone's boilers keeping up with the cold Heres a short video of my smallest dog trying to work his way through the snow. 20210210_123809.mp4
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