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  1. Some great fork strikes hear and very intense rain, mum and dad still sitting in garden in sunshine in Dundee whilst my garden is now sailing in water and all the kids are now causing mayhem in the house after playing outside constantly last 2 weeks
  2. yes @norrance quite remarkable that on march 16 the biggest fall of the winter... a bit wet but plenty for kids to throw around
  3. when it burst heavy it lies well @Big Innes Madori but still not bearly enough to get the sledge oot or even get the kids oot for snowball fights.... @bigsnowdoing well
  4. i refuse to believe i will see anything.... although its kids fitba down the inch at 10am for 90 minutes so i suspect driving sleet that has all the poor wee subbies hanging off my leg crying to get on and run about.... as it stands despite some poor winters this would be the first winter my kids have never had enough snow to get at least a few hours sledging and the oldest is 14... granted last couple of winters it was only a couple of days opportunity but it was still an opportunity. Fingers crossed for one last hurrah
  5. well just up the road from you here it has been a cold winter, unfortunately no snow but continually been scraping the car for weeks. It is milder now and it will be interesting to see the actual stats but whilst it has been snowless here it has certainly not been mild.
  6. honest to fk even Hawaii trolling us with snaw.
  7. i like to catch spiders in my hands.... it freaks out the kids and wife in equal measures walked past the sledging hill with the dog last night and sighed..... since moving here in 2010 no matter how dire the weather the kids have always got at least one day even if for a few hours when they could sledge..... not this winter yet
  8. yes i think "cold hunt" is actually rhyming slang for what most of them in there are which is a "daft "
  9. totally agree... we have trained once since the start of December, we have astro on a tuesday night but that has been off due to being too icy. We are getting great numbers and girls being interested aswell but can easily fall away when you dont have the facilities.... will try again sunday for a session thoroughly miserable night here... about to get the duvet on the couch and the kids movies on 2/7 that im asleep by 7.30 @Kirkcaldy Weatheryou are the master of a you tube video
  10. This is our local footy pitch, very rarely flooded so i reckon the ground must still be quite hard underneath after the constant frosts. As i should be coaching at 9am tomorrow cant say im that gutted
  11. im grumpy for the kids... i am personally at peace with weather gods.... honestly
  12. the model that says rain no doubt using the tried and tested teleconnection sods law theory
  13. yes for all its lack of snow the car seems to have been permanently frosted over this winter. This winter may well go down as the heart break one.... On Sunday the young lad 5 years old got all his snow gear on and the snow shovel and declared he was building an igloo.... was barely shovelling dor 5 mins before the snow stopped and started to melt... he played in it and stockpiled it until it pretty much all melted about 2 hours later. It does not take much for kids to have a ball in snow but ee cant even get the 3 or 4cm for a day that would satisfy them. So lots of frost but no snow of note so still praying for the one big snowfall to let kids be kids and me join them
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