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  1. Nevis Range looking very white this morning - still there tonight too, mon the snaw!
  2. Peg everything down before it hits - it was like a hurricane when it hit us at 7.30.
  3. A wee dusting on Aonach Mor this afternoon.
  4. 🌞🌞🌞 here in Lochaber (for a change).
  5. Just popping in to say Happy New Year - very disappointed to find human enhanced climate change deniers in this forum, never thought I'd hear the likes!! Boo to you all, it's that kind of denial of science that will be the undoing of us all.
  6. just passed overhead - it was wild. Still blawn a hoolie but not as intense.
  7. I now spend most of my time browsing here and the focussed thread- I haven't got a clue what they are on about but I don't want to throw things at my laptop which is pretty much how I feel when I risk my sanity and peruse the musings of fools in the other one! apologies to those from here who post in there but it's just a bit too IMBY for me.
  8. Having missed all of the snow last week I look forward to further snow on the hills - only please. It's been quite frustrating having such skewed weather reports on tv. It's like the west of Scotland suddenly disappeared off the map. However, don't know why I get so irked, we've had plenty snow since December (igloos and everything) and don't think it's been reported either, although not like last weeks - that looked epic for a few days. I think the shine came off it for most when their worlds stopped turning though. Glad to hear things are returning to almost normal for a lot of people b
  9. Hoi, I didn't say anything about being unhappy or sad - what's this Netweather changing my words. I said ADAPT!!! for folks sake
  10. Hear, hear - bake some bread, us humans have been doing it for a few years I think, bake some for a neighbour, friends, your auntie Beanie - eat scones, oatcakes, etc, do you really need 'plain' bread? ADAPT I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad!!!! Sorry folks just a bit weary of the moaning. I'll get back in my box now.
  11. I'm only interested in snow falling in Lochaber - will it? Or are we just going to be baltic? Those runs at Nevis Range won't top themselves up you know!!
  12. Yip, Winter's definitely over - a fresh 1" of snow this morning, belting it down it was - sure sign of Spring!
  13. I had 7 days straight skiing up Nevis Range from the 1st - the wind has blown it about this week so hoping the gullies are filled now and any new snow settles well so when the wind finally goes we can get back up to play. Such a different winter than last years mehness!!
  14. Drove up from Glasgow over Rannoch Moor earlier tonight. It was a bit snowy in places, the road was completely white in places so glad I got through when I did.
  15. Anyone who tries to pass off shredded wheat as hair and a bigoted diatribe as political direction should be ignored. Switch him off, block him and give him no attention. Donald J Trump...who?
  16. Mucho media fiddling...have a wee listen to Kaye Adams radio show from today, finally a true eye witness account. The woman was astounded when she saw the news reporting of the incident which was a hagglefest at most.
  17. Santa is just too vague. They could at least give us a west and east Scotland - even the metoffice do that - come on Santa! Or do I need to add that to my Christmas list?? If so, I have been very good this year - can I have one week of heavy snow please?
  18. Snow dusted tops down the Great Glen on to the Grey Corries, over the Ben and the Mamores this morning, a beautiful sight driving into work with mist blanketing the glen floor. It surely was a shortbread tin moment. However within minutes of arriving at work the whole awesomeness was cocooned in cloud...typical There was still a bit of snow left when I came out tonight too, shame it will be gone by tomorrow but it was nice to see. Time to dust off the snowboard.
  19. Still pouring with rain in Fort William and Lochaber area. Standing water on the A82 is bad. Forecast to continue until tomorrow morning! Loch Lochy is very high as are all the rivers so goodness knows what the drive to work tomorrow will be like. Had to dodge a large tree and minor landslip this morning but Bear Scotland are doing a splendid job of clearing up given the conditions. Coupled with that the winds have got up again in Glengarry...time for a cosy fire me thinks.
  20. Just some sharp showers today. Hardly a puff of wind in Glen Garry. Certainly nothing I would try to claim as storm like. Is there more to come?
  21. If you do intend to go to Glenshee, get there very early. I was stuck in a traffic jam for 1.5 hours to get past Glenshee to go to the Lecht on Sunday. Glenshee looked amazing for snow but with the crowds and queues it looked totally dismal. Good if you're into the dodgems!
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