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  1. Yip, Winter's definitely over - a fresh 1" of snow this morning, belting it down it was - sure sign of Spring!
  2. I had 7 days straight skiing up Nevis Range from the 1st - the wind has blown it about this week so hoping the gullies are filled now and any new snow settles well so when the wind finally goes we can get back up to play. Such a different winter than last years mehness!!
  3. Drove up from Glasgow over Rannoch Moor earlier tonight. It was a bit snowy in places, the road was completely white in places so glad I got through when I did.
  4. Scotland - Weather Chat - Spring 2016 Onwards

    Sorry to wake you lot up. It's starting to get darker earlier so let the Scottish bletherfest resume. Looking forward to the weather/ leaf colour change. A clear crispy October would be soooooooooo lovely...eh wake me up when it happens.
  5. Aye @Ravelin it was snowing almost down to ground level in the Fort today. The hill is looking in good form - enjoy! Incidentally I awoke to over an inch of snaw on the ground this morning...which was nice.
  6. There is nothing shameless about that pic, isn't Scotland stunning in the snow. I love my back yard!
  7. Nevis Range is looking not too shabby at the moment, hoping for a few more showers before the weekend.
  8. If the snow conditions improve for the Lecht I would definitely go there. It is perfect for beginners and children. They have a magic carpet and chairlift making access easy and the poma tows are child friendly. This weekend will be very busy at Cairngorm probably and Glenshee if the conditions improve. The Lecht is just so much easier to manage with kids. We used to opt for it when our boys were wee and they loved it, perfect for an Aberdeen start too. Enjoy. I'm looking to four days (hopefully) at Nevis Range (snow dance in progress).
  9. Yeah, it's not great at all, feeling a bit too small in this one, starting to look around the house at where we can hide if this gets any worse. Forget horrid, this Henry is horrendous. Amazed the power has stayed on...stained glass window, that's me jinxed it.
  10. Wheesht Henry, simmer down. I'm trying to watch the telly! Too many wind, structural and crashy bangy noises are making this evening's viewing rather difficult. I've had to turn the telly up tae Malky
  11. it's roaring out there, doesn't seem to be settling down, the opposite in fact. I can hear it blasting down the glen then whacking the house. Too many trees around for comfort, I may have to take cover under the duvet soon. Power was on and off thirteen times in an hour this morning - hopefully Operation Conil (Candle for you Soothmoothers) remains a training exercise.
  12. been up since before 6am with what sounded like a freight train going past the house. It's a bit disconcerting living under very tall trees when you hear them screaming and groaning in the wind. The roof of the house has been tested this morning. It would appear there is a wee bit of a lull at the moment but not for long going by my LOTW weather model prediction. Can't make it to work either what with roads blocked and schools closed. Hoping the lecky stays on but have charged everything just in case...spoke too soon that it howling again!
  13. 3C at 5.30 tonight down from 11.5C this morning. Dusting of snow back on the Nevis Range hills too, time to just sit back and see what happens. I'm back to the LOTW Model (Looking out the window), it's accuracy will never be questioned by the MT crew, well unless the windows are dirty but I have I have factored in the skoosh and wipe factor to prevent any 'foggy' results. Looking a wild one for tomorrow, hud oan te yir hats!
  14. Just checking...do models only show probabilities for weather? They are not actual forecasts are they?