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  1. A very misty morning here and 14 deg, been a while since we've had a morning like this.
  2. A bright frosty start to the day but clouding over now The stiff breeze made it feel one of the coldest mornings even though the ice was not as thick on the car It's been a good few days here, looking forward to a bit of wet and windy weather before the next cold blast
  3. Just been out to test it Compacts easily but goes icy a bit too quickly, about a 7/10 on the snowball scale :smiliz19:
  4. Snowing again here, got a covering but it's very "wet", roads will be bad if it does freeze More snow than we saw all last winter but don't think we'll need the shovel
  5. Temp still dropping and rain turning to sleet now
  6. Moderate rain here, winds getting stronger and temps starting to drop Fingers crossed
  7. Had a fire in the evenings for the last week Not been that cold but it feels miserable with an empty grate now it's getting darker, the only problem is you feel it colder in the other rooms Living in a 200 year old cottage we get nowhere near the indoor temps some of you guys talk about , think I need to sort a few of the draughts out
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