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  1. Morning all - I posted some of these yesterday but captured more soon after. Taken from Birdlip and Minchinhampton Common. Such awesome cloudscapes.
  2. Very elevated storm we have here... constant rumbles and lots of flashes. I need a big bada boom!
  3. Driven up to Stroud to try and intercept the storm but its slowly moving away as I get closer. Seen a few strikes and hearing rumbles. Managed to get these photos en route.
  4. Any ideas if that rain heading to Bristol is evaporating before it hits the ground? I'm at work and I've left all my sky lights open at home...
  5. When there is a lull in traffic behind me then yeah its audible. Its also died out a bit now.
  6. Just watching the cell over Chippenham from Bristol. Hearing rumbles now. Edit: First flash seen just now ?
  7. Errrmmm... it is snowing here. Winter just started Edit: Now a rain and snow mix... Edit: Now rain. Winter just ended
  8. Flash and a bang here in Bristol. More lightning and thunder than snow this winter ??
  9. Just travelling through the squall on the M25 West bound. Lightning looks to have died out for now. Conditions poor out here.
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