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  1. Hey all, my full sus trek mountain bike was stolen on Thursday in Filton, Bristol. I've been keeping an eye on gumtree and ebay - does anyone know of any other places I could keep tabs on? I've emailed all bike shops in Bristol and the police have good CCTV footage of the chavs who nicked it. I can only hope I can find it!

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    2. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Is there a "buy sell and swap" Facebook group locally????

    3. Terminal Moraine

      Terminal Moraine

      A friend of my son's had an expensive bike stolen from his garage last year. My son kept a watch on e bay and it eventually turned up being sold in Sussex 6 months later.

    4. Karl83


      I'm not sure summer95. Yeah its a hobby I love so much - I don't think I'll get it back but it wont hurt trying. I'm already resigned to buying a new one. Im keeping tabs on ebay and gumtree. I'm going to nip out shortly and do some hunting.

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