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  1. Living in the WSW sucks. Never a decent weather type to wee myself about. Always happens elsewhere!

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Since going to uni west of London in September I've found SW weather more interesting than this place so far.. snow is probs one of the few exceptions though, but then there are more hills/moors to visit in the SW

    3. Nights King

      Nights King

      This year has been dire for us! can't even get snow with elevation here these days :-(

    4. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      In the main we certainly have been 'left out' in terms of decent snow - i count it as one decent snow event 17th/18th/19th Jan. (Imby Bristol). Scotland, the North (esp NE) seem to have had a pretty good winter (in terms of snow). I guess, one could argue, that's a fairly tyoical British Winter. Colder though, for sure, than 'normal', over esp with March incl.