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  1. Anyone know of Swedish Met Sites where I can find long range forecasts for this summer?

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    2. Spurry


      I tend to use this , I visit friends in Sweden each summer 


    3. Spurry


      I tend to use these , I visit friends in Sweden each summer 



    4. Karl83


      Cheers Spurry!

  2. Do I don't I climb the Summit of Snowdonia this Sunday? The way I see it Sunday afternoon looks like it could see storms in that area? Advice needed please. I've had this planned for 4 months.

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    2. Karl83


      I'm leaving 6am tomorrow morning to pitch up my tent and assess the area before starting the climb at 7am Sunday Morning. It's a 4 hour drive so wouldn't be there by 10/10.30am.

      Part of me thinks I'm taking a risk by doing this now. The forecast was so good beginning of the week! ha!

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Karl you have potentially answered your own question ... as you have said your going to pitch your tent and asses the area beforehand ? all the best 


    4. AIRMET


      Then again the view of the lightning would be awesome from up there ?

  3. Netatmo Weather Station delivered today! Hoping for some record breaking cold to come now!

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    2. Marcus_surfer


      I love the concept of this weather staion jo, its just let me down and i cant afford to buy a £70 outdoor module, so ive bought a cheaper oregon which i had before and that never stopped working


    3. Team Jo

      Team Jo

      I'm tied to certain Wx stations as I'm a mac user and there's not an awful lot that runs Mac OS without lots of faffing about with a windows installation! I will say that the additional modules are steep, you're right there - It's hard to justify the cost of the wind and rain gauges too!

    4. Marcus_surfer


      Jo , yeah netatmo is perfect for ma users. I actually have the netatmo rain gauge but its sitting on my desk!


  4. Does anyone have one of the Netatmo weather stations? Are they any good? Thinking of getting one soon.

  5. Cycled home in record time today thanks to Barney. At one point I was travelling faster than the cars!

  6. IMBY view - Bin this winter. Looking forward to Spring now...

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    2. Eugene


      Complete nonsense cumulonimbus as usual, nothing mild about the current weather

    3. John Badrick

      John Badrick

      Heavy snow, ice days in cornwall = no sign of mild!!!

    4. xSnow


      @Eugene I would class 7C as mild, which is the max temp next week. Only nights are cold with a min -1C, next week. Its cold for now though. I'm referring to next week. It is entirely your opinion whether you class gloomy mild days and cold nights as 'boring', To me, it is not 'nonsense' that next week's weather will probably be boring (in my opinion).

  7. Has anyone else been collecting world cup stickers?

  8. 'Thundery Rain' should be banned!!!

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    2. AderynCoch


      Sometimes you get proper thunderstorms with constant thunder and lightning, other times you just get one or two rumbles of thunder. I don't think "thundery rain" is such a heinous thing to say in the latter scenario.

    3. AderynCoch


      Of course if they call proper thunderstorms "thundery rain" then that's a bit silly, but the term itself has its place.

    4. Karl83


      Sometimes you do, sometimes you dont. Well done! Majority of the time you get Thundery Rain forecast when its clear thundery rain isnt going to happen and its Thunderstorms that do. Where have you been.

  9. Hey guys why has the south west, wales and midlands regional thread merged? me no like :-(

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    2. Karl83


      Not a fan if I'm honest. I just like the fact of going in there and mingling with my fellow regionals about any interesting weather that may be coming. but then you have to have interesting weather to talk about in the 1st place. Hope it goes back to normal anyway. Just my personal preference.

    3. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      If it were as normal right now it would be very quiet. Plus our area all share similar weather conditions so we can all discuss interesting events ahead.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      There's no real point having the smaller regions when there's nobody posting in there.

  10. Decent forecast on BBC mentioning heavy thundery showers for Monday and Tuesday. Good start to April!

  11. Had a Typhoid injection for my trip to Gambia yesterday, definitely the only injection thats made me feel like I'm on another planet!!

    1. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      Really. Don't remember having any weird reaction to a typhoid injection. Everyone is different though i guess.

  12. Finally, some snow. Only settled on car windscreens but still, it snowed!

  13. Just logged in and went straight to the MOD Thread - only 1062 users online!!

    1. Dancerwithwings


      2,736 was the most online overall on 17th Jan 2013.

      I don't know what the most as been on the mod thread ? but

      if this comes off, Im sure it will be beaten.

  14. some of the heaviest rain i've seen for a while. not bad for birthday weather treat!

  15. Hey all, my full sus trek mountain bike was stolen on Thursday in Filton, Bristol. I've been keeping an eye on gumtree and ebay - does anyone know of any other places I could keep tabs on? I've emailed all bike shops in Bristol and the police have good CCTV footage of the chavs who nicked it. I can only hope I can find it!

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    2. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Is there a "buy sell and swap" Facebook group locally????

    3. Terminal Moraine

      Terminal Moraine

      A friend of my son's had an expensive bike stolen from his garage last year. My son kept a watch on e bay and it eventually turned up being sold in Sussex 6 months later.

    4. Karl83


      I'm not sure summer95. Yeah its a hobby I love so much - I don't think I'll get it back but it wont hurt trying. I'm already resigned to buying a new one. Im keeping tabs on ebay and gumtree. I'm going to nip out shortly and do some hunting.

  16. The storm isn't here yet and I've seen a tree fall victim to the wind. Half of it snapped off whilst I was playing football. Much more of that to come!

  17. FIFA14 OMG what has happend to it. Such slow response time but yet all my opponents seem fine? Anyone else play?

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    2. A.J


      gamertag 'beer and kebab'....I'll bury all of ya!....lol

    3. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      It's quite annoying on Xbox, with the freezing. Also the amount of times you get a PL striker and through balls; but mostly okay, same bugs as all FIFAs.

    4. Sprites


      This is why i rarely play computer games, instead of improving gameplay, they just *.ck the AI up, to make it harder.

  18. Just rode home from work and never had so many flying ants stuck to me

  19. For those who don't know - I use Blitzortung Lightning App on Android for alerting me of incoming storms. I configured the alarm settings last night to alert me when lightning is detected within a 10 Mile radius of my location. At 3am my lightning alarm was going off alerting me a storm was 10 miles away. Constant blue flashes seen as I soon I got up. Better than setting an alarm at a random time. A recommended app, get it!!!

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      That sounds good, is there an iphone version?

    3. Neilsouth


      NICE!!!! ta

    4. Karl83


      I'm not sure stormmad. Best check. I had a quick look couldn't see anything.

  20. The wind has picked up quite a bit here in North Bristol. Quite a nice breeze flowing through the windows. Still boiling hot though!

  21. Might actually get to see a storm next week! Well I never!

    1. Karl83


      Would love a night one but yeah, not fussed at all. Just as long as the heat stays, I am happy.

    2. AWD


      Tomorrow mate, next week is a long way off still. Tomorrow as a slither of potential about it, albeit just a slither for us.

    3. Karl83


      Yes a long way off for sure but I'm not too confident about tomorrow for our neck of the woods AWD. A slither won't get me excited (Unless I see black clouds) ;-p

  22. Wow just seen GFS 00z. Very nice!

  23. Bring on the sunshine!!! Woop woop!!

  24. So another week of my life wasted by watching the models churn out good looking charts only to slapped in the face at the end. There is only one thing we can do to alleviate the pain.... watch Youtube! Maybe a 2week block on all weather websites will help.

    1. Dancerwithwings


      If i had pound for everytime ive read,

      "watching the models churn out good looking charts only to slapped in the face at the end" My pockets would be full,...Welcome on board!!!!

    2. Karl83


      If I had a pound for every time I've heard 'if I had a pound for every time someone said blah blah, my pockets would be full'. My pockets would be well full! It doesn't usually get as close as it did for us here in Bristol. So thanks for the welcome

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Im a snow person myself and ive seen the modles churn out a snowfest then 48hrs later nothing or just boring old rain, but then it can happen the other way out the blue 8" of the white stuff, HAPPY DAYS...........!!

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