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  1. Do I don't I climb the Summit of Snowdonia this Sunday? The way I see it Sunday afternoon looks like it could see storms in that area? Advice needed please. I've had this planned for 4 months.

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    2. Karl83


      I'm leaving 6am tomorrow morning to pitch up my tent and assess the area before starting the climb at 7am Sunday Morning. It's a 4 hour drive so wouldn't be there by 10/10.30am.

      Part of me thinks I'm taking a risk by doing this now. The forecast was so good beginning of the week! ha!

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Karl you have potentially answered your own question ... as you have said your going to pitch your tent and asses the area beforehand 🙂 all the best 


    4. AIRMET


      Then again the view of the lightning would be awesome from up there 😁

  2. Supposed to be climbing Snowdon Summit this weekend. Forecast has deteriorated throughout the week for that location so it could be a wasted journey if its wet... Although as long as the climbing is done early enough to get back for any light shows, I'll be happy!
  3. I'm hoping for a repeat of April 6th/7th 2008. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1584210/April-snow-worst-for-two-decades.html I cant re-call if Bristol got anything out of this but my mind has images of some pretty heavy snowfall in a short space of time. I'm sure it was April? I was at work at the time and everything was snow covered in 15 minutes and thawed very quickly once the sun came back out. Could be wrong though...
  4. Been snowing for quite a while now. Proper snow day today and temp still hasn't gone above 0c for 3+ days! Sod winter, Spring is where its at!
  5. Snow drift central round here. Good luck to anyone trying to get to work tomorrow!
  6. That heavier precip appears to be edging closer to Bristol now
  7. Just did a lampost check and confirm we have slightly bigger snowflakes. The edge of that snowfall must be near.
  8. Haha I've been back out and it's self repaired!
  9. Short video from earlier https://drive.google.com/open?id=17-hhfkQ8OgYWCE2enB3m9kRO5hMSSYOd
  10. Yeah don't get me wrong its been an awesome end to winter, today. Buzzing! I'm just being greedy though!
  11. So @Jayfromcardiff will be buzzing even more now!
  12. Certainly looks that way guys - I'll remain positive for now but not looking overly promising at this moment
  13. That heavy stuff south of Bristol looks like it's going to miss us!
  14. I've literally just come in from doing a 3 minute video. Absolutely epic! I will try to post shortly. The wind with that snow is insane! Wow!