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  1. Yes it was indeed that storm. Shot from Rolls-Royce in Patchway. I had it set to auto so not sure on the speed. When I left work the clouds were visibly rotating everywhere so a timelapse confirmed what was going on up there. I was hoping for a funnel to drop out.
  2. Hi all, I took this short hyperlapse yesterday before the storm hit here. Please could someone explain the rotational looking movement? Is this the convergence of winds? 20210802_173613.mp4
  3. The movement of the clouds has been incredible this evening. Captured this when I left work and sat in the car park. Missed some belting lightning strikes, though. I can see the storm just north of my house and the rain band! Must go out!
  4. Yes it's blowing a right gale at the moment. Think the next few hours should be fun!
  5. Lightning east and south of my current location. Flashes for some time. Currently in Ivybridge, South Devon.
  6. I'm in South Devon for the week and the sky has been looking rather interesting to say the least!
  7. I have seen 5 or 6 blue flashes towards Wales. No thunder though. Could it be lightning? Certainly seemed like it. Edit: Make that 7, but a lot fainter.
  8. Had to make the most of the snow before it melted so my daughter and I built this 8ft snowman!
  9. Thunder and Lightning here... didnt hear the boom earlier kumquat... loud?
  10. Morning all - I posted some of these yesterday but captured more soon after. Taken from Birdlip and Minchinhampton Common. Such awesome cloudscapes.
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