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  1. Morning all - Well the thaw started almost immediately after the snow stopped yesterday so today's planned drone shots not as 'snowy' as I expected but nonetheless, what a great event. Here's a few shots from yesterday and this morning. Cheers!
  2. Slowly fizzling out here in Bristol.... pretty much on the edge of it all now.
  3. Not sure there was any point coming to work..... I cant get off this forum, the radar and stop looking out the window!
  4. Agreed - it is truly remarkable how this snow keeps on coming! Could do with another 12hrs of it though!
  5. Incredible scenes here. Nice snowfall and there must be a foot in places. Brilliant!
  6. Moderate to Heavy snowfall now... radar looks sweet for my location. However I'm going to attempt my daily bike ride into work. Excited to get out in it!
  7. Typical eh! Hopefully winter will have another sting in its tail for when you are in town. I'll get some photos online later.
  8. Morning all... Just measured 9cm here! Some spots around 8cm however I'll take the 9cm. Exceeded my expectations and it's STILL snowing. Looking forward to first light to get a proper look at it all.
  9. Corr blimey nice update! May we all freeze in harmony.
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