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  1. Some hefty showers coming in! Missed them all day!
  2. Hearing some rumbles coming out of this.
  3. Brilliant. How did you do this if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Some top notch photos on here today well done everyone. I was woken up by thunder at 5am this morning. Saw a few flashes and heard the growls from the clouds but was nothing special at all. As soon as I looked at the lightning app I got my head back down. Lol Bristol
  5. South Wales looks like it's going to become electrified soon. Cells exploding to life.
  6. Game on just 2 flashes Plus thunder!
  7. Wow out nowhere torrential downpour just south of Bristol
  8. I've lost count how many times I've witnessed that 'phenomenon'
  9. Lol - I think I can see what's happening here.
  10. Can't work out if the stuff in the Channel is heading north or slightly north east?
  11. I'm staying in Bristol for now. If I need to chase I'm thinking it won't be too far from home. Channel is looking tasty.
  12. Porthallow in Cornwall taking a pounding judging by the radar! And has been for some time.
  13. 3 years ago to the date I managed to catch these with my SLR. 1st time trying after a wait of about 8 years. Only seems like yesterday. Hoping for more tonight.