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  1. This is exactly what I've wanted to happen to the UK for years and years and years. Bring it on! Red warning UK Wide!
  2. Came across this car with It's hazard lights on too. Nobody was in the car though. Hopefully they were ok wherever they were. However, whilst my Mrs was checking to see if anyone was in there, a car was coming up behind us, way too fast, slammed his brakes on and started skidding towards us. I had to jump in the car and speed off slightly to avoid him!!
  3. Had to drive to Coaley Peak in Stroud today to get the snow I so desperately craved... was well worth the scary moments on the icey roads, though. Plus my 3yr old daughter loved being able to finally say 'do you want to build a snowman' with snow on the ground!
  4. Basically we've had the other regional threads in panic mode....
  5. Don't get too excited guys just seen this on met office twitter site.. The South is back in the game!
  6. I'm here - Where am I posting this? Time for a beer I think..... :-)
  7. I'm just looking to do a new one before I head back to work. That one is dated March... 2 ticks @karlos1983
  8. Blimey! Just seen the Amber warning... Such a shame we aren't in the game!