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  1. Soon be time for those early mornings out on the stubbles ?
  2. Winter barley harvest has started here at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, last week I was on the top of the Wolds and both winter wheat and barley looked almost ready. Spring barley near home is about 3 to 4 weeks away.
  3. Stove has a canopy so no room for fan. We have oil fired boiler linked with the stove but my wood is for free so 90% of the heating is from the stove. Probably need rad stats
  4. The boiler temp is set on the middle setting so when it reaches that it cuts out. No room stat though. Double wall pipe through the wall but only single wall from stove to wall. The fire is quite manageable with the 2 vents, I can turn it right down. The stove is oversized really for the room but it nneeds to run 10 rads.
  5. No thermostat in the house so it's on or off, lit the fire for the first time in 10 days tonight as the whole house felt damp and chilly. The stove has an exposed stove pipe so the living room can get a little too hot but the rest of the house is just nicely warmed through.
  6. The woodstove has been lit on the few cooler evenings, I prefer the more gentle heat that it puts into the radiators to keep the chill off and it's cheaper to run than the oil powered combi boiler.
  7. Yes, here too. -0.7C recorded just a stones throw away at Yapham.
  8. I'm nearer to Yapham than Pock and just lower down so it's possible that we could have dropped a touch lower then.
  9. We had a ground frost this morning, just outside Pocklington. Don't know what temps got down to but there was a pretty good covering on the surrounding fields.
  10. Was right under the East Yorkshire storm, just outside Pocklington. It was amazing, did record some footage will try and upload it later when power comes back on. Constant lightning almost strobe like, thunder rumbling like a freight train and intense rain but little hail. Still watching it moving away with still spectacular lightning.
  11. Should have gone up onto Goathland moor, it was snowing heavily up there when I drove over earlier today
  12. No where is too remote for me, Alaska might just fit the bill but the wife has family ties that keep her around these parts so I have to go with that.
  13. Thanks HC, I thought they might have been on the low side. I do like it out there, in fact I started doing the lottery again as I found out the Ledgowan Estate was on the market but it's now sold so I'll keep my money in my pocket. Seems like a place I would like to live though, unfortunately my wife thought it was too remote though.
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