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  1. Should have gone up onto Goathland moor, it was snowing heavily up there when I drove over earlier today
  2. No where is too remote for me, Alaska might just fit the bill but the wife has family ties that keep her around these parts so I have to go with that.
  3. Thanks HC, I thought they might have been on the low side. I do like it out there, in fact I started doing the lottery again as I found out the Ledgowan Estate was on the market but it's now sold so I'll keep my money in my pocket. Seems like a place I would like to live though, unfortunately my wife thought it was too remote though.
  4. This past summer I visited the Ledgowan Hotel at Achnasheen, lovely spot BTW. I've been following the weather forecasts for it on the Met Office app. My question is...is it really that cold??? Whenever I look on the daily forecast it always seems to be in single digits, especially the feels like temp, in fact the last few days and the weekend were showing snow of varying intensities. Do the M.O. over egg the pudding on the forecasts or do they come to fruition? I never did check the obs for that area to compare but I figured one of you guys might know.
  5. Didn't check the radar. Am usually up over that side at this time of day but work is quiet so am sat here killing time
  6. Am sat just outside Hutton le Hole and nothing, has rain recently but nothing more
  7. NPUK

    Summer 2016

    Then I'm afraid that you are wrong. Anything above about 15c is "too warm" and anything above 20c is "too hot" for my personal comfort. I do not tolerate heat well at all and I have experienced temps from sub Arctic to desert and I know which I prefer. We are all different.
  8. Not really, I am up at 5am in summertime, out with the dog or at the stables seeing to the horse, a surprising number of folks are out and about early before work. Staying light until 11.30 would be a waste and an annoyance as I try to get to sleep. I know we can't have it all ways but staying light until 11.30pm would be more conducive to anti social behaviour such as the boorish drunks who live near here who insist on preventing anyone who needs to get a good nights sleep from doing so. The people who start their day early tend to have a little more respect for those who like to stay in bed a little longer and no I'm not a miserable old curmudgeon, I like a drink as much as the next man but I also have respect for my fellow man/neighbour.
  9. NPUK

    Perseid meteor shower

    I can assure you there are no red deer in or near Dronfield Woodhouse. Roe deer probably but definitely not red. Might have been a badger though they can be noisy.
  10. NPUK

    Summer 2015

    Into every life a little rain must fall Personally I don't mind it.
  11. NPUK

    Summer of Heaven

    Cool for me, I do enjoy night time thunderstorms but my dog has an extreme phobia and wrecks the house so I cannot enjoy them while he is in distress.
  12. A dusting of snow above the Lion Inn on the North York Moors when I travelled over this lunchtime. It was snowing quite heavily at the time but I don't know how long it lasted.
  13. We've had the kitchen fitter in all day today,so front door been open all day. I've been decorating the back bedroom so the upstairs windows have been wide open,and still are to get rid of the paint pong. Wonderful fresh feeling throughout the house at last and more importantly, no heating required.
  14. Mine s heated to around 15 degrees, nice and comfortable. I hate today's weather, luckily I have been able to lay in a darkened room all day. I feel like crap. 15 is about my comfort zone and it can be as cold as you like for me just add more layers.
  15. Snow would be good but I'll go with cool or cold summer. I hate heat especially when accompanied by high humidity.