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  1. Autumn has been so very pleasant so far this year...

    1. lassie23


      Still summery, maybe we will go straight to winter!

    2. Milhouse


      Been very pleasant since March really.

    3. Richard2901


      It's been horrible and unpleasant all year apart from March and July. It's speaks volumes about how awful it's been when a month as bad as August was actually one of the better months by virtue of at least having average sunshine.

  2. First snow locally today....!

  3. "You (Atlantic) Shall Not PASS!!!!"

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      for now...........

  4. Back once more the Winter Ramping madness

  5. Hmm, consider the 06Z banked!

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      Re: the Easterly. I'm not looking for perfection but I am looking for something different from grey dull mild murk. That will do for now, thank you.

    3. karyo


      I am looking for perfection so I will remain disappointed! lol

    4. gottolovethisweather
  6. Curse our British weather!!! I want my snow!!!!!!

  7. Heading for a heatwave for the start of the new year. F**king outrageous!

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      I just knew TWS might have come up with that but I was just trying to avoid saying so. Dry will do for now and that is from somebody who is not at any risk of flooding. Sunny crisp and clear would be even better, can you arrange that for me TWS, then that would just perfect.

    3. Eugene


      Well GFS 12Z would offer a slow cool down once cloud clears and fog problems with all the dampness in the ground as a strong HP cell moves over the UK, it'll be January guys not March, the days are still very short

    4. Eugene


      Actually if you recall a warm looking high in the first week of March 2012 gave some very cold days with fog persisting all day in parts

  8. Heading for a heatwave for the start of the new year. F**king outrageous!

  9. Ho ho ho - http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Ho+Ho+mongooseing+Ho/4wN59x?src=5 Warning Contains Adult Lyrics

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      kevin bloody wilson? his best song, which i listen to is 'hey santa claus wheres my *ucking bike

  10. So long as we get back to the cold with plenty of snow by Xmas, New Year, I will be happy!

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    2. Snowy Easterlies

      Snowy Easterlies

      18z is shocking, deju xmas 2011

    3. Snowy Easterlies

      Snowy Easterlies

      can't spell that word

    4. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      This Christmas will be very similar to last year, doubt any cold will occur until 2013 now.

  11. New Winter Poll in Weather discussion and Chat Forum.

  12. Saw my first sunrise today in weeks. Yes the weather has been that bad!

  13. We should have a Netweather snowman competition this year. Anyone agree? The tallest snowman wins?

    1. Mark Neal.
    2. Mountain Snow

      Mountain Snow

      Your on, a couple of years ago a mate made a 15' snowman using a ladder. Hopefully we get enough snow this year for an even bigger one!

    3. Gavin Hannah

      Gavin Hannah

      15' - Challenge accepted lol!

  14. Gutted I missed the meteor last night. :(

  15. Will it be an epic winter with plenty of Snow and Cold... Only time will tell.

    1. karyo


      I hope so but with the Actic ice at a record low we may have to rely more to the east than the north. Our window of opportunity is getting narrower! :-(

  16. Starting back at college this week, doing Electronics. Bagged my HNC, now for the HND....

  17. Where is my Snow?

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      use the one year back on your time machine!

    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      All bottled up in the arctic... and not going anywhere yet in a hurry it seems! :p

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