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  1. That's funny, didn't see you post that in the Summer thread when that was 6 weeks before the Summer started. In fact, you were the first to post in the Summer thread when it was created!
  2. True night returns on the 22nd July, albeit only for 39 minutes. What do you define as "True darkness"?
  3. Just nine days until true night returns. Mark it in your calendars people!
  4. Another year where we approach Mid-Summer and some of us might be dreaming of that slow decent into Autumn/Winter. What are your thoughts for the upcoming season? Personally, like every year, I will be looking for a short continuation of the summer into September. Once we hit October though, the thoughts of hard frosts and chilly nights are the stuff of dreams. And then November... Another 2010 perhaps? As always, I look forward to your thoughts. P.S. Kudos for the first "this threads too early" post. The winner last year was @I remember Atlantic 252 at only 26 minutes!
  5. Absolutely beautiful weather here in the South East. Would be on the weekend I'm on shift! Could do with a BBQ and a few pints.
  6. Yep. Dreaming of those cosy winters nights. Snuggled up by the burning fire waiting for the flurries to begin....
  7. Only 6 weeks until true night returns. I do love the summer, but the date that true night returns is the date that I start the countdown to Autumn/Winter. Getting a little exited just thinking about it!
  8. Had some light rain this morning. The main band has missed us so far, but it looks like we'll get hit harder after 7ish.
  9. We're not going to start questioning peoples preferences again are we? He likes the Autumn/Winter, get over it!
  10. My football team are doing terrible, the government are a shambles and are on the verge of throwing the country to the dogs. And now the weather is starting to take a turn for the worst! Come on God, what are you playing at?!
  11. Gonna have to try a read the models myself. Model thread is useless at the moment!
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