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  1. In your original post and the subsequent posts that followed, you never mentioned forecasting agencies or amateur forecasters. You specifically asked why no-one on here talks about North America!
  2. Translation: If there is one year that is currently very similar to 2020, it is 2012.Sea ice is close to a minimum of 2012.Notice the unusually warm Barents Sea and sea I the north Atlantic west of Greenland to Newfoundland compared to September 2012.The cold area that was in the Atlantic ocean in previous years is completely gone.So the sea is warm throughout the area. The last time this happened was in 2012.At the same time, we have a smaller and colder area north of Iceland.In addition, PUD has gone negative with colder waters off the west coast of the United States, albeit to a lesser extent at the end of 2012 so far.This along with the development of a moderate La Niña in late autumn/winter where we had a neutral ENSO in 2012 after a La Niña.2012 is probably very similar to 2020 at SST sea level. Intriguing if this then leads to high pressure blockages this winter more dominant over northern Europe with a weakened solar cell due to the low seas of the Barents Sea, what ear the probability of an SSW / split?
  3. Ironically, it's all the whingers acusing each other of being whingers! I wish you'd all get it into your heads that everybody has different likes and dislikes and there's f all you can do about it.
  4. I'd prefer a front loaded Winter. Best time for cold and snow!
  5. I mean, as long as someone takes a slightly large dump in North America it seems it favours a cold Winter over there at the moment!
  6. Just one month from today and it will be pitch black in my location by 20:30. The joyful season is nearly upon us!
  7. Beautiful morning today. Can't remember the last time I woke up on an August morning quite as chilly. Got to be a good omen!
  8. Noticed we didn't have Snow & Ice thread yet for this year, one of my favourites of the year. So here's the latest offering:
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