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  1. Forecasted rain didn't appear this morning and now the rain for this afternoon has disappeared from the forecast.
  2. Trust me when I say, the best way to rid yourself of some of the morons on this site is to simply block them. It's by far the most effective way of getting rid of some of the more tiresome posters. Other than that, this forum is still the best if you have any sort of interest in the weather. And there are still some fantastic contributors to the site.
  3. I've been led up the garden path so many times in the distant past by long range forecasts and people posting long range CFS charts that I've learned to ignore them. The furthest I look now is 7 days. Even that is pushing it sometimes. This Winter is still all to play for as far as I'm concerned.
  4. As it's only September, I can stomach the heat. But, if we're still getting 20c+ in October, I'll be disappointed.
  5. OPI or October Pattern Index. What a joke that turned out to be!
  6. If you read the actual Study that was kindly posted by @Summer Sun above and compare it to the Stories printed in the media, you'll probably understand my own post a bit more. And as pointed out by @Quicksilver1989, the bit about "Mild Winter" was in jest, directed at the recent track record by the printed media (mostly the Express & Mail) using the likes of Nathan Rao & Piers Corbyn amongst other, to incorrectly predict the weather.
  7. Mild Winter it is then! When will these idiots in the Newspaper Media ever learn? If they were just a bit more honest and a little less sensationalised, they'd probably increase their circulation!
  8. First chilly start for a while this morning. Autumn is well and truly here.
  9. Much fresher this morning, much more comfortable sleep as well. God I hope we have a postcard Autumn/Winter this year.
  10. I'm at work, so not had a chance to watch it yet. Going to have a look in the morning. But judging by the comments under the vid, it's looking good.
  11. For those interested in the season that shall not be named. Gavs latest W**t*r update is available.
  12. Unfortunately mate, the shortening of the days is inevitable. But the switch to Autumn doesn't mean an end to the warm/hot weather. Still plenty for you to look forward to possibly.
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