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  1. It happens every time. You would think people would learn to take charts over 144hrs with a massive pinch of salt. But every time people get emotionally invested in every run up to +300hrs! We may yet still get some winteryness next week, but as of yet the charts haven't quite nailed down the extent. Leave the emotion out of it until you see the snow falling from the sky.
  2. When we get these epics charts within 72hrs I'll get excited. We've been here before with one model not singing off the same hymn sheet as the rest and it never ends well.
  3. I'm with you mate. Some excellent viewing but I'm not ready to tell the family just yet.
  4. I have always wanted to see how a short range model thread would work. Up to a max of 144. However, it would probably be dead, much like the model thread was last winter.
  5. This is why I pay no attention whatsoever to charts beyond 144. Been following this forum for 8 years now, and learned pretty quickly that the best cold spells usually show up in the reliable when no-one expects them. Spent many a Winter chasing epic cold shots in the far reaches of FI only to be disappointed time and time again. This is why I've always been an advocate of a 1-144hr model forum, without the hype and emotion of the hunt for cold/heat in the depths of FI.
  6. Models not as good this morning. Let the back tracking begin. Who's ready for a few frosty days up north before the wind, rain and upper single digit temperatures for December?
  7. And of course, he's probably right. Bloody hate the weather in this country.
  8. All looking good for a cold start to winter in the MOD thread. Who's waiting for the models all to back track to zonal?
  9. Lol. I think even the most hardcore coldie would be afraid of that chart.
  10. Woke up this morning to the most recent charts showing a washout in the near term and possibly into the medium term too. And then visit the BBC website to see this on the homepage: Arctic blast brings record temperatures to US WWW.BBC.CO.UK Several places experience record-breaking low temperatures as an Arctic air mass hits the country. When's it going to be our turn!?
  11. I'll reply in here as to not go off topic in the MOD thread. As @bluearmy said, other than the FI charts showing potential cold later in November, the current signals are for December to be unsettled with the PV strengthening and there isn't "so many signals for cold in place". Although not set in stone, I haven't seen anything yet to get excited about this Winter. There's still plenty of time to go yet though, so there's every possibility we might get something worth waiting for.
  12. Not getting sucked in yet by all the pretty charts showing Winter nirvana. Once we start seeing these colder runs <=144 I'll start to get excited.
  13. Now that's some weather. Meanwhile here the leaves have barely had a shiver on the trees!
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