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  1. What awful weather to wake up to on an April Spring day. How much longer is this cold going to last?!
  2. Was hoping to wake up this morning and the models had moved away from the cold solutions. But no. 🤬
  3. My birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll be hugely disappointed if it ends up being cold. It's April fgs, don't need any more cold muck!
  4. Wish the Easterly trend would 🤬 off! Not one bit interested in cold now. Roll on the warm up!
  5. Any chance this next faze of weather could become mild? Not really interested in cold anymore this Winter. Would love for a warm up to occur instead.
  6. I'm bored with this snowy spell now. Probably the worst BFTE I've lived through. Looking forward to the breakdown and then hopefully there will be some Spring warmth not too far away as well.
  7. I think the Amber warning was for emotional distress rather than Snow! 🤪
  8. I'm not saying nothing. There's a few major ramps from others in one of his threads too.
  9. This is absolutely pants. Intensity has gone here. Lots of grains blowing in the wind but zero accumulation. For that Amber warning to be worth it we need some serious snowfall soon!
  10. Kudos to you Kold, you've been one of the most grounded on here this week. A few more need to take a leaf out of your book mate. 👍
  11. I hope he's on the money then. Because as it stands we've got a lot of catching up to do!
  12. That says possible snow depth. Does he say at what point it's expected to reach that depth?
  13. I love your enthusiastic TI, you always give it your all. But come on mate, very rarely do we get what you predict. Even you've got to admit that.
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