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  1. ? Both look remarkably like a day of showers. Pretty much what we have. Never mind, its not the end of the world eh buddy?
  2. Your not that far awayI I can prob see your house from here! have a good view to Bexhill. Its gonna be close if any of them arrive here...
  3. Stop bloomin' moaning, theres some pokey showers beefing up near us again now. I reserve the right to moan with you though if they dont hit
  4. One day it will come buddy, and we will all finally see a happy post from you! Fingers crossed for ya mate
  5. Nah me darlin'. there was almost one that slowly made its way towards Eastbourne on Monday evening. It got as far as Hailsham then broke up. I got 30 seconds of drizzle while up the road got a half decent storm. I blame the Downs. Suntrap of the south? Meh
  6. Fading away again now. Same time as yesterday evening. Booo! (especially for me as I'm selfish :D)
  7. First few rumbles of thunder here in Eastbourne after a real heavy shower
  8. Just want it to happen earlier rather than later, ive got to get up for work at 5.30 in the morning! Glued to the radar and windows here. have a perfect high up view of the sea south but no flashes yet (ooh err misses)
  9. Such a shame for us on the Coast. These stormy showers always beef up over land, leaving a swath of mainly clear air over the coast and nearby areas. I've been looking jealously North the last few weeks at the towering clouds forming. I need French formed ones on a decent plume in humid weather please!
  10. I think your probably right. There was one night where we had some quite ferocious Rain hitting with the storm. It was about 9.30-10ish in the night, just when I was going to bed. Typical! Quite a Juicy Cell just missing you right now I see.
  11. Yup! Lets hope its a good year for them, Eastbourne missed out on a few that skimmed Bexhill and Hasting last year if I remember rightly?
  12. So far they are just missing you and me on the coast, I'm still hearing a few distant rumbles.
  13. I can spend ages staring at the views from my place, you have a good one too. Sadly the Convective stuff is veering more to the East now. Il be looking forward to later on today and seeing if anything comes our way.
  14. Good morning buddy, Heres the view of the same cloud from Eastbourne towards Bexhill Nice bit of Mammatus for the morning., woken at 6ish to Hail and a distant rumble of Thunder.
  15. Peekaboo

    1. Dami


      /waves! hows the coast?

    2. jasonuk


      Boring today petal. bit cloudy and windy. Wishing I wasn't working when its meant to be hot, and off at home when its meant to be chilly!  🙄
      Hope your fine and dandy?

    3. Dami


      Not so bad, schools on hols now, lays in bliss. Quite warm and sunny today.

  16. I'm loving this cold spell. Snow, Ice, whatever its my cup of tea as a weather enthusiast. I'm old enough to not let the 'let downs' bring me down as much as when i was a child in the 70's
  17. Your constant moaning over the years tends to not be very accurate either buddy. Try to chill out and be a bit of a happier person mate. I'm sure at the end of the day your excited for any cold snowy weather that may happen!
  18. Hi buddy well it has perked up a bit in intensity and now finaly started settling on the grass and cars. Its a start! the Temp has dropped to just below freezing too now, so that will be helping.
  19. Yeah been snowing since about 8.30 here. But sadly it hasnt settled yet. Even in the heavier bursts.
  20. Be happy mate! its been a great winter for interesting synoptics. your posts all seem a bit down. Personally I'm quite excited for the incoming cold period. I am sure you are too really
  21. Hmm, its just another reason for me to have to wake up early on Saturday or Sunday on my day off. I'm sure il be let down again, but it doesnt stop me waking up as always since i was a kid! Keep the faith mate!
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