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If you're wanting to learn more about weather, Lyn-M has a couple of weather books she'd like to give away to a good home. :) 



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    Eastbourne, East Sussex, Right on the South coast!
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    weather, computers, game consoles, djing, partying, films, reading, alcohol... Pretty much the same as everyone else!
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    Snow and Icy weather, and extremes.

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  1. Reputation: 4 Neutral. Neutral eh? Heh thats what you all think....

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Better than me, I'm a Neutral 3 only. Could be an interesting thing to study, this. Those who talk garbage and get barred easily have probably got a higher reputation than the rest of us. Mind you, it doesn't matter how much crap I speak, I've stayed the same for a long time.

    2. jasonuk


      :-) ive tried to stop posting, i am only capable of either posting comments of its snowing or, hardcore sarcasm. OON is my hero here!