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  1. Just about to upgrade to windows 8 from Vista, i may be gone sometime, wish me luck on getting back online!

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    2. Robbie Garrett
    3. jasonuk


      Haha, cheers guys, seems ok so far, think i will be mainly using the desktop! Not so keen on all this 'App' stuff either, dont like having to sign into my pc or having all this social stuff logged in instantly,im sure il find a way of uninstalling them. Best thing is i managed to get Windows 8 64bit from Vista 32bit with a cheeky bit of wangling with my misses laptop, sooo much faster! :-)

    4. jasonuk


      Oh and Robbie i was looking for windows 7 but an offer that finishes in a weeks time of Win 8 for £24.99, i couldnt turn down!

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