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  1. just popped out in it mate. nice to have a bit of unexpected snow, my misses thinks im mad tho!
  2. damnit, just got dressed and going out for a quick walk in the snow. il see if i can get any pics. my misses thinks im mad!!
  3. Oh my giddy aunt, somehow its snowing heavily in Eastbourne, bang on the coast and settling, happy Me!
  4. Well waking up and looking outside to see it raining, what little snow we had is long gone. I think the last time it snowed properly in Eastbourne was when i took this photo Enjoy yourselves the lucky ones out there!
  5. Same as here. right on the back edge now though. I think i may be calling it a night and heading for bed, i dont think we will be getting anything more and the misses is tired! Be more than happy to find out i was wrong in the morning but i really think the system has weakened a lot more than it was forecast. Good to meet you anyway buddy. maybe il catch you here the next time something exciting looks to come our way
  6. I think its the dewpoints buddy, the flow has gone from west to east over colder land and now is more northerly so we have the flow straight from the sea, you can see this on the radar as the precipitation is now more south to north as the low system pivots. Its actually more snow now, but on the edge/end of what should of been the best stuff. Oh well!
  7. Carew Road here so up a bit o a hill and it has turned slightly sleety but mainly rain, crazy how that little distance can make a difference
  8. Sob, Raining here in Eastbourne. Like this post to make it Snow instead
  9. Maybe you blocked yourself? You weren't annoying yourself were you?!
  10. Just tickling the edge of Hastings. rather have the waft of warmth and sun to be honest though
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