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  1. couple of cm of snow is all it takes to get me out of bed at 6.30 on a Sunday  :D 

  2. Oooh, the Pet Shop Boys, my favourite too, i finally saw them live for the first time in the Summer  :)

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    2. Dami



      You have to dig but they put out the odd gem.

    3. jasonuk


      Their last 2 or 3 albums have been amazing actually :p Last 2 produced by Stuart Price and previous by Trevor Horn, both production Legends, so there!


    4. Dami


      Although there was a couple of songs that were ok on  Super, i'm hoping the third I believe they are doing with Mr.Price is done quickly. I think he is trying to make the Boy's sound appeal to the youth of today with music akin to the days of SAW, rushed lyrics and sloppy melodies. I can almost see neil tennant singing when he does so with a false smile.  

      If anything Electric was a bit better and watching the tour, one i wish they would re -do.

      Oh btw don't mind lass or moki, PSB is their guilty pleasure :p

  3. Its been a long time since i've been logged in here! Always lurking though :p
    Currently 'enjoying' the ups and downs of the model discussion room :)

    1. lassie23


      should change your username to mr lurky

    2. jasonuk


      Hmm that sound a bit creepy though :D


    3. lassie23
  4. jasonuk

    99 with a flake please!

    Recognise that place! Used to love 30 seconds away from there. Sigh going to miss this weather....