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  1. Yup snow to sleet here right on the coast in Eastbourne too.
  2. My misses says 10 inches is too much........
  3. Just tickling the edge of Hastings. rather have the waft of warmth and sun to be honest though
  4. Why in everything that is deemed Balls and Poo, do i wake up at 5 A.M on my days off, must be me age.... Anyway, morning special people. Heres hoping today is going to be a bit dryer??!
  5. Id love to have one but i dont have the legs for it
  6. Woke up a few hours ago and saw the same tinybill, looks like it will reach me in an hour, a bit of a wet Good Friday.......
  7. Starting to settle in Eastbourne. I never tire of seeing it snow
  8. Ickle wickle flakes started to fall in Sunny Eastbourne, can clearly see its slightly backbuilding, heres hoping
  9. couple of cm of snow is all it takes to get me out of bed at 6.30 on a Sunday  :D 

  10. its slightly backbuilding and pushing north west.....
  11. Hammering it down and settling again easily after the rain and sleet last night in Eastbourne woohoo!
  12. Yawn, very heavy sizzle stuff just got into Eastbourne. It's leaving a bit of a white covering but you can clearly see how warmer upper temps have now got. It's not far off sleet
  13. Sadly nothing here. The radar shows the precipitation just south of us and stuck there the last hour