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  1. only 50 percent, as low as that?
  2. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Yep, mouth surgery. bleeerkh
  3. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Bonjounos mes amis! Long time no see. I'm preparing for surgery soon, not great but anyway did you know that today, i went out and it was a nice sunny day then all of a sudden it was like the environment of a horror film suddenly wrapped itself round Tescos car park, a wind sprang up out of nowhere, the sky turned very dark and it started sleeting. But after a few minutes of quite heavy rain/icy pellets, there was a gorgeous rainbow.
  4. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Did you know we just had five minutes of absolutely torrential rain over here, first real rain in weeks.And now its stopped.
  5. JennyJane1

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    I got a whole load of different seeds, herbs, tomatoes, cauliflower, etc etc, and put them in lots of different containers and watered them, now two things are growing in the containers.but i forgot to label the containers so now i dont know what is growing so it will be interesting.First time anything i planted has ever grown even a tiny bit.
  6. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    did you know they promised us rain, there is no rain, i'm far too hot.
  7. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Well you have to keep that up for quite a few days before you feel a difference!
  8. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Hey, Ed, did you know the torrential rain in Gorleston early this morning wasn't good to be out in? Yeah, got very wet.But on the plus side heard some great thunder and saw a bit of lightning.I wasn't too frightened because there were lots of people around but I hate that when I'm in the house alone.
  9. Alexis, dip her wrists in cool water.
  10. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    I didn't laugh at all.
  11. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Thanks.hope you are ok.
  12. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Did you know that today, i've had my diet reduced from pureed to liquids only? And its miserable.
  13. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    yeah, i heard john lewis was advertising for kitchen hands.
  14. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    I remember it well, the 3-legged cat told me.
  15. JennyJane1

    Did you know.

    Did you know they just said that on friday it will be hotter here than in recorded history? Well maybe not here exactly.Near here.