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  1. I wore my boots for the first time this winter today, not so much because it was cold but because i was afraid of slipping on the damp pavement in normal shoes.
  2. i ordered one of those cover your head hoodie things. because they said it was going to get cold and snow.should have ordered a bikini instead.
  3. But I think we should be told, what happens if you wear a black woolly hat? a pink woolly hat? a navy blue woolly hat?
  4. Whch means.....its almost cold enough for snow in the triangle?
  5. We have something wintry fallng here, a cross between icy rain and hail.
  6. I was too polite to comment but happy birthday dami if its today.
  7. Thats because they don't yet know what clothes Dami is wearing next week, how can they be certain without that important information?
  8. three randoms told me today they thought it might snow here on sunday
  9. According to the daily star this is shaping up to be one of the coldest winter ever. thats not good at all. quote This comes as it was revealed it is going to be chilly for Bonfire Night this evening with -6C expected in the UK. And it was warned a La Nina weather blast will lead to one of the coldest winter ever.
  10. i went out at 9 this morning, over here it wasn't even chilly, the sun was shining, it was nice, not warm but not cold either.
  11. Stop trying to wriggle out of it, you know you should have refused the really warm jumper and chenille jacket.
  12. YOU did it! What have Lassie and I told you about buying winter coats and what it does to the chances of snowy weather?
  13. much colder tonight, using my new fleecy hot water bottle. wind is quite strong, gusting roughly every twenty miutes.
  14. You'll send rescue dogs for me if i get stuck in a snowdrift, right?
  15. please no, not till mid-november then it can snow as much as it wants, i have some really important medical appointments in early november, snow will make it difficult.And i have to go north as well.