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  1. Did you know.

    Did you know my baby can't fly yet? Silly creature.
  2. Did you know.

    Definately heard thunder, maybe further along the coast then, i heard two distinct rumbles of it about three minutes apart.
  3. Did you know.

    Did you know its raining and dark here and i can hear very distant thunder some way inland, Ed might have a thunderstorm overhead.
  4. Did you know.

    It was really cold here overnight, now its just overcast and miserable. Shame because we had some quite pleasant sunny days this week, if its going to be cold, then be cold and frosty and snowy, otherwise there's no point, it might just as well be warm.
  5. Did you know.

    i've had a quick look at the regional thread, yep, all correct and weather related but no feeling to it, no friendship. Sad.
  6. Did you know.

    so is scotland, john o'goats
  7. Did you know.

    too cold, more like mulligoatawny soup.
  8. Did you know.

    Aww, i goat loaf too, we can all loaf each other.
  9. Did you know.

    Aliens, starring Sigourney Goat-hair-weaver.
  10. Did you know.

    Hooves on, we have a problem.
  11. Did you know.

    wet enough to build a snow goat?
  12. Did you know.

    I feel a bit homesick for the SE thread.
  13. Did you know.

    That was unforgiveable.
  14. Did you know.

    Did you know I am confused now as where you're going and what you're doing? Took me long enough to find you over here.
  15. Well, I think that's me done for another year, its been a great winter, but can't outstay my welcome and upset people with any inane banter. Im just glad that these people who complain aren't ill and housebound at times, have lots of friends and family around and aren't alone, its great to hear that. See you all around later.