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  1. omg i'm just going out to buy bread and milk before the panic buying starts. it was really icy rain this morning and i got soaked on the way to work despite the umbrella.
  2. me too, it seems to happen a lot over that way.
  3. La plume de la ECM est sur la table.
  4. dont give up, we have tiny snowflakes over here. you can only see them if you stare really hard, but they are definately snowflakes. I am writing a training proposal. I am bored.Please let it snow and distract me.
  5. And here, everything is completely white, very pretty.
  6. omg that reminds me of one of the first times i went t london by myself as a teenager, i asked this bloke where the train was going, and he said it doesnt go anywhere its a circle line train it goes round in a circle. i had never even considered such a thing existed and i felt a bit silly.
  7. EDP says west norfolk only.
  8. over here its getting quite dark, its quite cold, its raining on and off, typical miserable january day.Must be time for hot chocolate and marshmellows.
  9. Really? where did you see that?
  10. We really dodged that, it was bad enough here with all the fallen trees.
  11. maybe because there is a law called feasant which is to do with damage on a person's land, might get a bit confusing if they thought the damage was caused by a pheasant.
  12. I think that what Dami was meaning was that most people take notice if an incoming storm actually has a name and the papers take more notice if its an amber warming,, so more people are aware of it, and then they can do ittle things like bring small light items in from the garden, put the bins somewhere safe, maybe move the car from under dodgy looking trees.
  13. awww see if house insurance could cover storm damage?
  14. All calm here now. reached its height around 5.45 to 7.30
  15. Reading online reports there are many trees down on roads and across rail lines over here.Really surprised nobody was injured.