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  1. *mentally writes off 4-10th March for snow in the Midlands*
  2. Perhaps she’s the Solihull side of Birmingham. We’ve had 20 mins of sleet, 10 mins of snizzle and 10 mins of teeny flakes so far. No lying snow whatsoever.
  3. Lol, I haven’t. They’ve already stopped
  4. A few tiny teeny flakes floating in the breeze here, but, seriously fed up this morning with this whole debacle. Grump grump bleepity grump.
  5. A bit of snizzle falling here atm, just to break up the boredom
  6. Blimey, is MattStoke moaning again? We had 20 mins of sleet here! Some people are never happy eh?
  7. Hi lovely - well that was quite a change of job - sunny Gib huh? You’ll be back, it’s no place for a snow lover
  8. Well, a few flakes drifting down now, but don’t think it’s going to amount to much.
  9. Lol, you want to worry, I remember Bill and Ben... So, yes, the last window was going in as the sleet started, perfect timing. Was hoping to test out their efficiency in blizzard conditions, but guess that’s not to be for now... Sigh.
  10. Had pretty much given up - nothing expected on the forecasts. But come back to find heavy snow forecast by BBC app, an optimistic DWW, and now I’m seeing little white bits falling from the sky. Game back on
  11. The race is on. Im having the glass replaced in some of my windows today, and the fitters have just started on the last 2. Will there be snow on my sofa before the day is done...?
  12. Lol, thanks. its only the glass (sealed units) out of 5 windows they’re supposed to be doing, but if Tuesday’s GFS forecast happens I will be finding out what my sofa looks like decorated with snow I think.... hey ho, life’s an adventure
  13. So, remember when I said a few weeks back that we were bound to have a blizzard on 17th January because we were having some windows replaced? So, I was wrong huh? Um, the fitters didn’t come today after all. They’ve rescheduled for.... you guessed it... Tuesday 22nd Jan
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