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    I am interested in the weather and find the wind and thunderstorms my main interest. I also find temperature and the way in which heat is transfered quite interesting. I was also diagnosed with High-end functioning Autism back in 2010.
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    Stormy autumn, hot and sunny summer and thunderstorms all year round.

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  1. Not looking very impressive this warm spell now. We really only have Thursday and Friday then it turns more unsettled. This is for southern areas, northern areas will barely notice a difference and it isn't garenteed that the rain will bring anything thundery anyway.

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    2. I Cumbria Marra I

      I Cumbria Marra I

      charts keep changing, so no one knows

    3. Eugene


      Yes GFS 00Z confirms that it's not that impressive, i'm looking for cool weather on the charts now,hopefully a cool northerly plunge in September which can offer the first proper cool spell since May

    4. wimblettben


      Its even less now. Friday may be very warm for the southeast before average conditions move back in. Quite dissapionting.

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