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    I am interested in the weather and find the wind and thunderstorms my main interest. I also find temperature and the way in which heat is transfered quite interesting. I was also diagnosed with High-end functioning Autism back in 2010.
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    Stormy autumn, hot and sunny summer and thunderstorms all year round.

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  1. Its looking more likely that August will see us go back to the usual unsettled type of weather that we have seen dominating the last 6 summers.

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    2. Bottesford


      You can irrigate in a drought (if practical) but can't replace the sun for growing! OK grow lamps but we'd need more power stations to do that...

    3. cheese


      Things need sun and warmth, but extended periods of no rain are extremely damaging to crops, and have consequences elsewhere. Irrigating is a last resort and is probably expensive on a widespread basis, hence why in places like Arizona, people only irrigate their own gardens to enable grass to grow, and why there are no widespread crops.. they are reserved for places with a healthy mix of sun, warmth and rain, rather than endless sun and searing heat, which is no good at all.

    4. Bottesford


      Oh yes - a mixed summer is good. This July has been mixed - some rain & plenty of sun/warmth. Surely the best option and vastly better than last year! Coolness in summer is generally not useful for plants is is one of the big thing stunting crops.

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