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    I am interested in the weather and find the wind and thunderstorms my main interest. I also find temperature and the way in which heat is transfered quite interesting. I was also diagnosed with High-end functioning Autism back in 2010.
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    Stormy autumn, hot and sunny summer and thunderstorms all year round.

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  1. ECM isn't looking quite as cold this mourning.

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      Hi Ben and I'm not JUMPING on you either! It just makes us ALL even more confused when the COLDER trend is ALMOST (99%) set in stone. One run later, a different story again. Another consistently COLD/BITTER COLD run from the GFS once again.

    3. wimblettben


      The models aren't there to confuse people though. And if it was 99% set in stone, then why am I seeing different outputs from the ECM, this has to be due to some uncertainty on what is going to happen, shurely?

    4. gottolovethisweather


      sorry Ben for this publicly, but please read between the lines and look at the broader picture. Look at the strat thread for example with regard to the potential for the rest of February. PM me if you like too, I won't bite and we can have a nice sensible discussion behind closed doors