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    I am interested in the weather and find the wind and thunderstorms my main interest. I also find temperature and the way in which heat is transfered quite interesting. I was also diagnosed with High-end functioning Autism back in 2010.
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    Stormy autumn, hot and sunny summer and thunderstorms all year round.

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  1. I wonder if that wet weather will also have some lightning in them like some of the showers we have had this morning.
  2. Haven't actually done too bad here so far this morning for thunder. Had another moderate to heavy shower around 6:00AM and some overhead flashes of intra-cloud lightning and soft rumbles of thunder.
  3. Had a close rumble of thunder here a few hours ago when a heavy burst of rain came through.
  4. No, we moved to Wales back in November last year. I thought the southwest at the time probably had the storms that the uk had back in the summer and judging by your comment looks like I was right. So far since living here I have to say we have missed pretty much every thundery spell that occurred in the UK. Personally I didn't want to move anyway but as I have to live with my parents due to mental health problems I had no choice, I would have stayed if I was able to.
  5. That must have been what produced a number of deep rumbles of thunder and one distant flash of lightning here yesterday evening then. Amazing to think its the only time we have had nearby thundery activity here for the whole year.
  6. Surprisingly we had a few deep rumbles of thunder yesterday evening and I saw one flash of lightning in the distance. Its the only time we have had thundery weather for the whole year.
  7. Had a few rumbles of thunder here yesterday evening and saw one distant flash of lightning.

    The only time we have had thunder here for the whole year damn it!🤣

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      It has been quite a while since, I had any thunder and lightning in Thurrock. The best year was last year.

  8. All seems a bit haphazard to me. Were forecasting lightning displays for inland wales and northwestern parts yesterday afternoon, then switched to eastern and southern areas, and now hardly anything and only for northern areas. One of the most quickly changed forecasts i have ever known.
  9. Not what I was expecting either! Just started raining here again this afternoon and its now Tuesday. Guess Wales isn't getting much luck with this settled warm spell, and it does need to dry out for a bit here as everything is completely soaked.
  10. I disagree for the simple fact that 40-50mph winds are known to bring some branches off trees and a few tiles off roofs. Don't know about you but I Wouldn't want to be outside near trees or buildings when thats happening.
  11. Probably Wrong As I tend to find the Arpege model always over predicts the winds compared to the others. Many times in the past the Arpege model would show 70-80mph gusts with the others just 40-60mph and 40-60mph would more often than not be what we got.
  12. Got a max gust of 52.4mph up a nearby hill earlier with one of my handheld anemometers so must have been just 30-40mph lower down where our house is. Dropped down quite a bit recently so unless it picks up again the worst seems to have been between 3:00PM and 6:00PM.
  13. Its already starting to get going here though its just windy with 20mph and possibly 30mph gusts. Fully expecting to beat my highest wind yet here in on one of the hills here near brongest of 46mph.
  14. Big Differences between this and xcweather! Can only see 40-60mph gusts inland on those maps but this one is showing a short period of 60-80mph. Confused.
  15. Managed to get a 44mph wind gust on one of the hills around here on Wednesday but had to get back before midday so may have had higher in the afternoon. Apart from another very windy spell yesterday morning its been fairly calm recently with just sunshine and occasional showers in a lighter wind.
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