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    I am interested in the weather and find the wind and thunderstorms my main interest. I also find temperature and the way in which heat is transfered quite interesting. I was also diagnosed with High-end functioning Autism back in 2010.
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    Stormy autumn, hot and sunny summer and thunderstorms all year round.

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  1. Brilliant lightning displays and good rumbles from mid-level storms!!!!!
  2. Was outside in the field seeing well developed cumulonimbus clouds with dark bases and loads of rumbles. Then got drenched running back to the house which was fun.
  3. Looks like the wind peaked at 45mph this morning right before the heavy rain band moved through.
  4. wimblettben

    Storm Georgina - Atlantic Storm 7

    Looks like we peaked at 45mph right before the squall came through.
  5. Very squally rain just passed here with some very gusty southwesterly winds. Quite a lot of 30mph+ gusts recorded on the top of our tree tower.
  6. wimblettben

    Storm Georgina - Atlantic Storm 7

    Pretty fun morning here with very gusty winds. Many gusts in the 30s mph and there may have been higher in more exposed spots in the garden. Very squally rain just passed as well.
  7. It probably did cause the most damage for more eastern and Northern areas of England with many 60-80mph gusts but for us here in the southwest it was the same as the winds we had just after Christmas. Nothing unusual here as we look to have had 40-50mph gusts. We have already had that level of gusts a few times this Winter, I got 46mph in the garden last night, and had recorded two 47mph gusts a few weeks back from another low pressure system. However it is clear that the three areas worst effected were southeast england, East Anglier and especially Norfolk were 80mph gusts hit which is pretty powerful compared to the typical peak gusts we get from storms in winter down here of 30-50mph.
  8. A bit breezy this evening with clear intervals and cloud. Had a top gust of 46mph last night though this was isolated and most gusts were in the 25-38mph range. Very similar to the winds we had just after Christmas.
  9. wimblettben

    Model output discussion - mid-winter

    Definite downgrade trend happening now with this system. Wouldn't be at all surprised if it ends up being just a typical wind maker this time tomorrow or moves so far south the centre ends up over the channel.
  10. wimblettben

    Storm Fionn - Atlantic Storm 6

    Hope it doesn't end up so far south that it doesn't even effect us here in the southwest. Was looking forward too some more blustery fun windy weather after the relatively quiet bland period weave had.
  11. Hope the low system doesn't move any further North as it would be nice to get the winds that the models are showing now as it would be perfect with it being not too strong and not too light. Earlier model runs would have probably been a bit too strong for my liking and cause some damage. 50-55mph gusts for mainland stations usually gives us winds in the fun blowy 32-46mph range.
  12. wimblettben

    Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Turned out to be windier yesterday here then the storm on Wednesday with many gusts in the range of 35-45mph. had two top gusts of 47mph so was pretty windy to be honest and much more then I was expecting, thought the worst was going to be yesterday but max gust was 42mph and that was also just a one off.
  13. After it gusting to 30-40mph this morning with a top gust of 43mph it has died down now with light rain or snow and winds of 5-15mph. Looks like most of the worst of the winds are affecting the coastal areas as the winds here only lasted for about an hour or so.
  14. Was quite blowy this morning with a top gust of 43mph which is the highest since January or February this year. Seems to have eased down a bit now, not sure if its going to pick up again later but there is also a mixture of rain and snow precipitation rise.
  15. Looking at the latest model outputs I would be getting slightly annoyed if I was the met office thinking that we may have to change the warnings and warning areas within a day or two. Mind you I have never known a time where the models have chopped and changed as much as they have this Autumn and Winter.