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    I am interested in the weather and find the wind and thunderstorms my main interest. I also find temperature and the way in which heat is transfered quite interesting. I was also diagnosed with High-end functioning Autism back in 2010.
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    Stormy autumn, hot and sunny summer and thunderstorms all year round.

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  1. Heat going to waste far as I am concerned. Hardly any chance for storms on Tuesday for our area and its humid heat which is the worst!
  2. Definitely been more usual windy weather this year so far with gusts mostly in 25-38mph range. We managed 46mph in November but that was from a shower which probably had nothing to do with the low that we had.

  3. eastern pacific

    Yes Its clear that the area of strongest winds didn't hit the main cities as we would be seeing a very different picture now. Don't be dissapointed though William, we should all be thankful. I would never wish 200mph sustained winds on anyone and was relieved when I'd seen the cities in Mexico still standing on the morning news.
  4. Very odd that Hurricane Patricia has strengthened so much within the space of a day!

  5. eastern pacific

    Surprised to hear of this going on to be honest. Doesn't anyone find it very odd that this has developed so much within the space of a day? By the way, anyone who thinks they can ride out winds of 200-250mph are very uneducated unless they live in an underground storm shelter. Lets not forget that an EF5 tornado has winds of 201-234mph at ground level and look at how much damage they cause.
  6. Yes. I'd imagine the type of storms you witness the most are Windstorms rather than Thunderstorms in your part of the world.
  7. I would have said the same thing back earlier in the year, but as this year has turned out to be such a let down so far it just doesn't even bother me anymore. Its got to the point where every time a risk of thunder has been forecast, I just ignore it or say quietly to myself 'yep well that won't happen!'
  8. I already did something similar to this a few years ago, but since then have decided to do a more serious, realistic version of it. Four versions I will go through here, the first is a 10mph increment one, the second a very general version based off of Torro Tornado Wind estimates, third the most detailed list including all of beauforts ranges up to Force 31, and fourth based on the average winds on the basic and extended beaufort scale. The First goes up in 10mph increments and each 10mph has a character or superhero given, and the idea is that the windspeed is actually the characters range of fighting the environment as they attack it. Of Course we just can't see them! 0mph: Nibbler 10mph: Cubert 20mph: Fry 30mph: Bender 40mph: Leela 50mph: Spiderman 60mph: Green Goblin 70mph: Electro (Weakest Form) 80mph: Iron Man 90mph: Colossus 100mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk 110mph: Red Hulk/ Abomination 120mph: Gatekeeper 130mph: Thor 140mph: Silver Surfer 150mph: Morg 160mph: Tyrant 170mph: Destroyer 180mph: Scout Celestial 190mph: Dream Celestial 200mph: Judge Celestial 210mph: Akhenaten 220mph: Galactus 230mph: Chaos 240mph: Cytorak 250mph: Infinity 260mph: Eternity 270mph: Thanos 280mph: Living Tribunal 290mph: Beyonder 300mph Or Higher: One Above All The range would probably work where say for leela her range would be from 36-45mph. A little Effort would be 36-40mph and A lot of effort 41-45mph. On top of that each mph would be given a colour code which would go up like this: 41mph: Green, 42mph: Yellow, 43mph: Orange, 44mph: Red and 45mph Purple. Second is The Most Basic Version: 0-3mph: Cricket 4-12mph: Nibbler 13-24mph: Cubert 25-38mph: Bender 39-54mph: Leela 55-72mph: Spiderman 73-92mph: Iron Man 93-114mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk 115-136mph: Thor 137-160mph: Silver Surfer 161-186mph: Destroyer 187-212mph: Celestial 213-240mph: Galactus 241-269mph: Thanos 270-299mph: Living Tribunal 300mph+: One Above All And Third The Most Detailed, With All of the levels following the basic and extended beaufort ranges: 0mph: No One 1-3mph: Cricket 4-7mph: Katrina Fairy 8-12mph: Nibbler 13-18mph: Cubert Farnsworth 19-24mph: Philip Fry 25-31mph: Bender 32-38mph: Rainier Wolfcastle 39-46mph: Turanga Leela ​47-54mph: Taki (Soul Caliber Fighter) 55-63mph: Spiderman 64-72mph: Green Goblin 73-82mph: Electro (Weakest Version) 83-92mph: Iron man 93-103mph: Colossus 104-114mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk 115-125mph: Gatekeeper 126-136mph: Thor 137-148mph: Silver Surfer 149-160mph: Morg 161-173mph: Tyrant 174-186mph: Destroyer 187-199mph: Celestial 200-212mph: Akhenaten 213-226mph: Galactus 227-240mph: Chaos 241-254mph: Eternity 255-269mph: Thanos 270-284mph: Living Tribunal 285-299mph: Beyonder 300-315mph: One Above All (In Marvel) 316mph+: One Above All (Outside Of Marvel) And Finally the fourth Version which is based on average speeds: 0mph: No One 1-3mph: Cricket 4-7mph: Katrina Fairy 8-12mph: Nibbler 13-18mph: Cubert Farnsworth 19-24mph: Philip Fry 25-31mph: Bender 32-38mph: Turanga Leela 39-46mph: Taki (Soul Calibur Fighter) 47-54mph: Spiderman 55-63mph: Iron Man 64-72mph: 9ft Incredible Hulk 73-82mph: Silver Surfer 83-92mph: Destroyer 93-103mph: Celestial 104-114mph: Galactus 115-125mph: Thanos 126-136mph: Living Tribunal 137mph+: One Above All I Know this was long but I have been debating which is the best version out of the four of my fun hobby I do in my spare time. I've been working on these for over a year now and have been wandering which version should be the best and final one. Please Note that this is just a fun hobby I do in my spare time, its nothing majorly serious!
  9. Apart From A few Rumbles one day and a frequent lightning storm sometime in July this year has probably been the most thunder-less I have known for here at least so far.

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    2. wimblettben


      I Know, Have'nt been on for ages.

    3. Daniel*


      did you change your username?

    4. wimblettben


      Not my username, but I had to redo the password as its been so long since I was last on that I couldn't remember!

  10. 63mph gust on the house last night! Beats my previous record set last year of 58mph from the October storm.

    1. Eugene


      Yes thrilling night, you aren't a real weather fan if you don't appreciate nature's fury, more please, i've become a storm addict now

  11. Actually had some sleety snow here this morning!

  12. Had a 47mph gust on the house this afternoon. Wasn't expecting that!

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    2. wimblettben


      Yes, ended up being the same strength as the storms over christmas so i'm happy about that.

    3. stratty


      ...didn't you say there wasn't going to be a storm?!

    4. wimblettben


      No, just that it wasn't going to effect us that much down here.

  13. Bit confused, going by the forecast tomorrows storm will be no different then any other one we have had this whole Winter.

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    2. wimblettben


      Its pretty ridiculous though that the track has changed so much in less then a day. I mean, its not even going to be like the storm we had over the weeken if current models come true!

    3. kate1


      I do understand your enthusiasm for storms and shared it at the beginning of winter - but now I've had too much of a good thing! am bored of replacing damaged fencing ...

    4. wimblettben


      Well of course it will be inconvenient, but I wanted a storm at least comparable to the christmas one to finish this unsettled weather off.

  14. Even I'm getting a bit annoyed with this weather now. If we are going to keep missing out on the oppertunity of a proper wind storm again from this type of set up then at least dry up!

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    2. Eugene


      Its obvious we wont get any decent HP dominated cold now so this colder than average based atlantic weather is better than that, at least some places are in with a risk of something wintry mid week, no chance of that with HP moving over us from the south

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      I would very happily take a Bartlett right now. The current serious situation is going to be made even worse this coming week. Sod the cold, I just want dry.

    4. Milhouse


      So pleasant here today. Sparkling sunshine and mild in light winds. dont know why some would want it colder.

  15. Well I have allready spotted an error in their writing. Quote: 'Experts said the worst of the weather is due to set in tonight before a relentless onslaught of wind and rain over the weekend.' I'm sorry but this isn't the case, Gales are expected tonight for Coastal areas then Saturday will see the worse winds with severe gales and gusts of 65-80mph in the far southwest coastal districts. The talk of 150mph winds however is something completely lauphable and only an idiot with a brain the size of a fleck of dust would write this type of rubbish.