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  1. It's snowing here as well, blowing about a bit in the wind. Wish it was heavier but it's better than the last few hours at least.
  2. Buses got cancelled so had to get a lift and not long home from work - I finished two hours ago! Winds picking up a bit. Any showers I've seen recently have been light .
  3. Car accident at Owenbeg before the GAA pitch on the Dernaflaw side. Saw a gritter nearly write off some cars at the Hass road in Dungiven as it slide down the brae and I'm late for work. It's been an eventful hour
  4. Heavy hail shower there now which is has given a good covering. Very fine dry powder snow now.
  5. I have to get ready for work. Could be an interesting evening. Roll on 9pm hometime.
  6. Fingers crossed Neiller. Having a better shower of snow now. Has just been too light so far.
  7. Just woke up because insomnia and it's just started to snow again. Finally getting a light dusting settling.
  8. All quiet here at the minute but a nice big blob of precip in Donegal on the radar.
  9. Snowing now! I got new windows put in and haven't put the blinds back up yet so I can lie and lamp post watch from my pit
  10. Noticeably cooler here now after that last shower went through but dew points still a little too high. Looking forward to after dark!
  11. Toys were well and truly out of the pram in the model thread today I was entertained. I'm watching where this low will track with great interest. At least Tuesday should bring us something.
  12. Models looking good! Getting to work will be good craic if things materialise. Just hope for purely selfish reasons it won't be too bad next Saturday as it's my birthday and having a bit of a party
  13. Happy new year folks. I'm starting 2018 with a cold which is going into my chest now. Back to work tomorrow, that'll be fun!
  14. Dungiven is a bit blowy now but not expecting anything out of the norm really.
  15. Snowing and lying here. Was a bit of a surprise when I went out to the kitchen and looked out the window!
  16. Sleet here now Edit - now it's snowing but the ground is probably too wet for it to lie.
  17. It has been showing snow in my location on the radar for the past fourty five minutes and there hasn't been a flake. It's not even raining!
  18. Roads a joke this morning. Saw a post on Facebook that there's lorries skidding on the Foreglen road between Dungiven and Derry. Glenshane pass not good either. Take care if out and about folks.
  19. It's barely above zero here today. Hasn't thawed out all that much and I'd expect it to freeze solid after dark. Footpaths are a disaster. Hail shower at the moment.
  20. Just had a nice snow shower there. A wee top up and the places were the snow had disappeared from are now white again.
  21. Moderate snow on the way home from work tonight. Spent most of the journey at 25mph. Roads are awful!
  22. Wee showers on and off here all day. Currently on. Nice to see and it's providing a top up. The parts that thawed are freezing over again so that'll be good craic for people driving or in footpaths later.
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