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  1. Had no electricity here for two hours, its just came back on. The winds have eased but still very blustery.
  2. Mental winds here, worst I've heard in a while. Half the town has no electricity.
  3. Happy Christmas everyone! I've been awake since 6am lol. Wrecked! I hope you all have a great day.
  4. Had a nice snow shower just now . Too wet to lie though.
  5. Starting to hear a few gusts now - although I've been sitting with earphones on all night so god knows when it started
  6. We had a few light flurries of snow this evening. It's sticking cars, grass and footpaths. Very light though. Freezing hard now so if you're out and about take care.
  7. There's precip showing up on the radar for this area but there hasn't been one drop of anything for 3 hours lol.
  8. Need heavier snow showers here for any real difference to be made. Benbradagh mountain is pure white though.
  9. Snow here now, light though. The sky got really dark beforehand. Lying too
  10. Not a flake here but freezing. It will lie if it arrives
  11. Pretty much all quiet here now, just the odd gust. Light rain.
  12. No hail here but don't think it'll be too long because I can hear one hit the window every now and then.
  13. Wee sapling tree has broken in half in my garden and the lid of my blue has been blown off. I've noticed the wind is definitely louder round the back of my house. It's still a wee bit away yet for the peak yet isn't it?
  14. I was going to say that the winds have eased a bit here but those last few gusts say otherwise.
  15. Aww no Ronan, can the dog sleep in the kitchen maybe? First wheelie bin away, heard it fly down the street! They were only emptied yesterday. Also the first few whistling howls if you know what I mean, haha.
  16. Lashing here, wind picking up a wee bit. Got the dinner on early just in case :lol:
  17. Breezy enough here too at the moment. I had a meeting at my daughter's school earlier, walked up. The wind was actually painful, very cold! Temperature stayed about 1 or 2 degrees all day, up to 4 for a bit and back down to 3 now.
  18. Baltic here this morning! Seriously didn't want to leave my nice warm bed lol.
  19. Got very cold and dark quickly here too - just rain though with a few flakes thrown in.
  20. Me too. Some sites are forecasting snow in this area for Thursday - shall just have to wait and see .
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