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  1. Been a fairly miserable time weather wise, hoping for things to improve soon as we go into June. I have a 5 week old girl now though so doesn't make a lot of difference to me at the moment 😂
  2. Have woken up to a light covering here this morning.
  3. Big fat flakes falling here atm, not sure yet it'll lie though (hi folks!). I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and can do without this nonsense 🤣
  4. Traffic has pulled over where the roadworks are as they can't get up the winding parts. The bus has powered on though 🤣
  5. Claudy getting a good hammering now, traffic has slowed way down.
  6. Picking up a bit here too, whiteout really but still small powdery flakes. Pics don't really do the drifting justice.
  7. Nice enough layer here, couple of inches were it has drifted. Getting ready for work so there'll be plenty of layers going on!
  8. Left Derry just after 7 there and heading home to Dungiven. A dusting in Drumahoe and snowing away on the road home.
  9. Keeping an eye on this, later in the week has some potential. The other half got a new job thats literally a five minute walk from our house so was joking with him that there'll be no snow days in his future 🤣
  10. Been showing under light snow on the radar for a good part of the day. In reality there hasn't been a flake 🤣
  11. Just grey here at the minute but the ground is bone dry. Bittetly cold in that wind!
  12. Don't think we even had a wee top up but it wasn't expected anyway. Cold this morning though, a day for the big coat!
  13. I'm in Strabane this evening, looks like I should have stayed at home 🤣
  14. A covering here this morning, snowing lightly at the moment.
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