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  1. Snow in the very strong wind around 6 am this morning. Now North wind gusting to 34mph. Just had a squally hailstorm. I guess we must be the closest point to Ireland. Sea is white with huge waves
  2. Me too 🙏🙏 Cows are now outside, they will freeze their bits off. ❄️😢
  3. Yes it was rough here yesterday. Did you come over to Strumble Head? I can vouch for the stinking weather, as I was on the headland repairing a fence. Who needs an exfoliating cream when you have sea salt 😆. Any of you weather gurus giving any credence to the rumours of snow / artic weather over the Easter weekend?
  4. A day of two halves, second milking the heavens opened and we had sleet and driving wind. Gusts measuring 42mph. Actual temp 4 degrees feels like - 1. Still cannot roll the fields. Cows still in at night as the grass is very slow coming. Sunrise this week has been spectacular and earlier. Can't wait to feel the sun warming things up again! Garden visitors are still coming to the feeders. Don't see woodpeckers here that often though!
  5. Best not get the slurry spreader out then 🤣. Thanks for the heads up. Cracking day here. Cold and dry. The fields are almost dry enough to turn the cows out. It seems to have been a long winter!
  6. 16.2mm of rain yesterday, the wettest I've seen the fields in years. More like ponds atm. I've noticed looking at the charts there's a high pressure area building. Is this likely to bring a cold snap again?
  7. Wind gusting to 22mph. Dew point minus 4.6 degrees Temp 2 degrees. Every water trough has frozen, and that's only the second time in 22 years. The cows have had a blast outside today whilst sorting the yard out. We had walkers complaining about the ice on the bridle path that goes down to the beach. I was even asked for hot water for their flask as I was carrying kettles of hot water to defrost frozen pipes 😕. Hoping for a dusting of snow as recompense!
  8. Soooo. This looks like it may be happening @ Strumble Head on Thursday. Currently dew point minus 5.7 Temp minus 1.8 wind gusting a bitter E 16.1mph. The sky is black and foreboding across the Irish Sea.
  9. ... If that's anywhere near true... I'm off to CCF to get more gas cylinders so I can defrost frozen pipes again. Last snowed in March 2018. Its bitterly cold, still frozen here, been putting balls on the cattle water troughs to stop them freezing.. So unusual. Pictures from our last freeze in 2018.
  10. Dew point minus 1.9 air temp 3.2 Wind E.. Wind chill Minus 1.6 Blue skies, sunshine and plenty of Cumulonimbus. Its all there. ❄️🙏
  11. Bitterly cold easterly. Heavy seriously cold rain 4.2mm in 4 hours. DP 1.6 Temp 3.9 Windchill 1.2 I'd much rather cold and dry than cold and wet. 2nd change of clothes already. I'm going to have to invest in handwarmers for the quad and waders. The fields are completely waterlogged. Perhaps a canoe might be a better option!
  12. I have a Bresser 5 in 1. It's brilliant. Google it for the details 😁
  13. DP 0.0 temp 1.8 wind NW 8.9mph, and a brief shower of wet snowflakes. ❄️ Its bitterly cold. Went into Goodwick, and could see the Preselis were looking dusty.
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