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  1. I’d be mega grateful if anyone has any predictions / thoughts for March . It’s super dry here , and as you mentioned , bees and butterflies are emerging . Luckily the gorse is in flower , or there wouldn’t be any nectar at all on the farm. I’m thinking of turning the cows out during the day around the 10th March , and was actually thinking winter was over and we’d been lucky !
  2. So, are we due for another cold snap at the end of Feb continuing to beginning of March again ? There seems to be a familiar pattern to last year's weather format here on the farm.
  3. View from my front door , more of a flood light than a street lamp but we have snow
  4. Wind picking up 22km/ph gusts to 39 . ESE. Still 2 degrees . We have had some snow Gone sleety now .... but at least we have seen some without major problems to my dry cows .
  5. Wind picking up 22km/ph gusts to 39 . ESE. Still 4 degrees . We have snow
  6. Current temp 4 degrees wind direction ESE 8-14km/ph .... cloudy ...feels like rain here . Net weather says rain/sleet , Meto says snow . For me it’s a massive difference and a high financial cost if I start feeding animals for the feed to be wasted as our grass is plentiful. A hot summer meant less fodder produced ( we are organic ad it’s hard to source anything but our own locally ) Last year in March it got so bad so quickly it wasn’t safe to move the girls for fear of limb breakages but at least they had shelter and plenty of fodder . I can’t get any closer to the sea where I am . Should I put bales out regardless ?
  7. Beautiful cold and sunny winters morning , are we really getting snow here ?
  8. Drizzly rain since 4.30am ....temp a balmy 6 degrees.
  9. Huge thanks ! We were well prepared last night , so very little damage . The girls all cozy and safe and milked , and I survived. Your info really helps us prepare for the worst outcome .... and hope for the best . Tea and toast to warm up now , round 2 in a couple of hours !
  10. It certainly is stunning , and I’m incredibly fortunate to live here ! But I think I’ll put lead in my boots and hope the cows don’t blow away . It will be an interesting morning !
  11. Jesus Great ... I’m really not looking forward to a 5am milking .... by Strumble Head lighthouse ....
  12. Think we are still looking like “ no show “ here , but don’t wanna be caught out ( got dairy cows ) .... do I need to make sure I’m well stocked up Andy ? Followed your advice last year and you were spot on !
  13. Guess that leaves us @Strumble Head Lighthouse out this time
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