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  1. Hail and sleet here, heavy showers. That wind is icy. ?!
  2. Another hail storm. Size of peas! Its really getting wild again here.
  3. Here too! Couldn't believe it. Heavy squally shower of white stuff. Hail, but definitely white! Total surprise!
  4. Me too... Have to drive over a mile! Got a lighthouse though ?
  5. Eek. ? Parking tractor next to generator ready for power outage. Bound to happen, given our location. Going to milk @ 5am. Looking at our very own weather station Pwll Deri, does anyone know if that records wind speed?
  6. Well I for one hope you are right. Strumble Head cops some fantastic storms. Just hope the big machinery shed door holds out!
  7. Currently 1048 in Strumble Head West Wales. 82asl. Don't often get a frost here, but did last night. Low of - 2 on the yard. The night sky is breathtaking.
  8. Hail showers @ Strumble head. The dry cows needed snorkels the ground is so wet. ?
  9. I’d be mega grateful if anyone has any predictions / thoughts for March . It’s super dry here , and as you mentioned , bees and butterflies are emerging . Luckily the gorse is in flower , or there wouldn’t be any nectar at all on the farm. I’m thinking of turning the cows out during the day around the 10th March , and was actually thinking winter was over and we’d been lucky !
  10. So, are we due for another cold snap at the end of Feb continuing to beginning of March again ? There seems to be a familiar pattern to last year's weather format here on the farm.
  11. View from my front door , more of a flood light than a street lamp but we have snow
  12. Wind picking up 22km/ph gusts to 39 . ESE. Still 2 degrees . We have had some snow Gone sleety now .... but at least we have seen some without major problems to my dry cows .
  13. Wind picking up 22km/ph gusts to 39 . ESE. Still 4 degrees . We have snow ?
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