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  1. Two and a half hours to drive home from work this evening, roads in a terrible state with lots of surface flooding. Nothing out of the ordinary really though, just a normal wet evening, already clearing here in London now
  2. Nice morning in Cambridge with more sun than cloud for a change. Not expecting anything much later judging by hi res models though will be keeping an eye on the radar just in case
  3. Torrential rain while driving on the M11 north of Stansted an hour ago, still going looking at the radar. Road slowed to a crawl with a lot of surface flooding yet just a couple of miles further down the road it was bone dry again, amazing how localised it was
  4. Yes it's yet another grey morning in Cambridge with intermittent drizzle. Hopefully we'll squeeze in a couple of nice days tomorrow and Friday before a change to proper autumnal weather from the weekend onwards
  5. Grey and cool with drizzle in Cambridge this morning, I half expected a good week this week though looks like that was too much to ask for
  6. Cool and cloudy in Cambridge after a nice sunny start, on the plus side it's dry at least
  7. Mostly sunny in London for the first time in weeks, not particularly warm though with a chilly breeze. Forecast for the week ahead looks like a big improvement on the past 6 weeks, hopefully it dries out the ground a bit
  8. Yet another grey morning, don't think I've seen a proper sight if the sun since this day two weeks ago, hopefully the coming week brings an improvement
  9. Grey windy and cool in Cambridge as has been the case for the majority of the past 6 weeks. Dry for now at least.
  10. Thought this week was meant to be pleasant? Cold, windy and grey in Cambridge with a few patchy showers, again feeling like late autumn
  11. Torrential rain in Cambridge, a mini lake has formed outside the office again, seems to be a daily occurrence these past few weeks
  12. A mix of sun and showers today in Cambridge, felt and looked more like an April/May day with convective showers and a cool breeze. A few heavy showers but some nice cloud scapes so not too bad overall
  13. An awful end to a fairly awful month, pouring rain all morning in London
  14. Wet night in west London with intermittent rain and drizzle, thunderstorms still hundreds of miles away so doesn't look like we'll see anything here
  15. Another drab grey day in London, hopefully a bit of thunder later to see out what's been a very forgettable month
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