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  1. Yes all a bit confusing, the map has a load of overlapping warnings with an odd sliver of land right up to Scotland that for some reason isn't included in any warning. Also the first two paragraphs in the London &SE warning are about Scotland and a lot of the different warnings are for the same time and seem to cover the same events
  2. Is it just my phone or have the met office been updating the snow warning every 20 minutes all morning? Think I've gotten about 10 alerts by now
  3. Supposedly snowed overnight here on Ealing, all gone by the time I got up this morning. Just drizzle and light rain from the current band of precip
  4. A wet sleety mess in Benfleet this morning, there's a patchy dusting of snow but a miserable cold morning that I'd gladly trade for some dry cold
  5. Further light flurries in South a Benfleet, horrible cold, grey and damp day though. Give me a clear frosty morning any day
  6. Heavy enough snow on the A13 from around Thurrock into South Benfleet, very wet though and nothing too exciting. First snowflakes I've seen in two years
  7. A light frost on the car earlier tonight in Ealing but it's melted again now so must have warmed up, not expecting anything too interesting through the night. Frustrating hearing that it's snowing again in my hometown in NW'ern Ireland tonight, 6th snow day in a row there now while I haven't seen a single flake since moving here two years ago. Easily the most boring winter I've ever experienced up to now
  8. Another uneventful day in Essex, wet and windy this morning though nothing I'd class as remotely stormy, cleared by the afternoon to leave a dull cloudy day. Looks like more of the same for the coming week though hopefully a good clear day tomorrow at least..
  9. Cool and breezy this morning in Essex, nice bright morning again though with very little cloud Still not expecting anything too exciting tomorrow, very doubtful we'll see any snow in the SE and looking at the high res models, gusts will struggle to top 100kph along the south coast, a windy morning for sure but nothing too noteworthy
  10. Lovely day in Essex with barely a cloud in the sky. I can't see much of interest happening here with that system but hopefully if the winds materialise it'll at least be an interesting days weather
  11. No, it's more likely to rain/snow when we're affected by low pressure systems but pressure by itself has nothing to do with snow A calm frosty morning here in Essex, over an hour late for work because of the M25 problems but made it in one piece thankfully, doesn't feel particularly cold without any wind
  12. Cool and partly cloudy in Essex though no frost again, another largely uneventful week ahead for the SE by the looks of it..
  13. Utterly miserable all day in Benfleet in Essex today, cold and dark with heavy misty drizzle all day. Temp between 3C and 4C
  14. Afternoon everyone, not posted in a while as really not a lot has been happening weather wise, we had our second 'windscreen frost' of the season on Monday but little else worth mentioning. Writing from a dull drizzly Peterborough today, commute home to London this evening won't be much fun with a lot of surface water about
  15. Beautiful day today, can't hope for any better than this for the time of year. Plenty of time for cold weather in the months ahead and we'll all be sick of it come March so enjoy what will likely be our last proper warm spell of the year
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